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Sunday, 8 January 2017

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I'm in the Maldives!

After a total of over 14 hours travelling, we've made it to the Maldives! I'll be spending, what will probably be, the best 10 days of my life here with my auntie and uncle (who are amazing and whisked me away on this incredible trip) and my boyfriend!

What better time to sit back, unwind, and have a much needed break. After my 12 Days of Christmas; 12 Days of videos series on YouTube I'm pretty knackered to be honest. The Christmas and New Year period is such a hectic one anyway so giving myself the task of uploading a new video daily during that time was hard work. It was definitely tough (I have no idea how people manage vlogmas) but I'm so glad I did it. Despite feeling a little disappointed with numbers, it was incredible that some of you reached out to me with words of support and it just genuinely means the world and I feel like I now know some of you which is just so nice.

You won't be seeing much from me around here for the next week as I'm taking a little break from blogging whilst I'm on holiday; but you know the drill, you can follow me along on my Maldivian adventure on my other social media channels including my Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter pages.

P.S. When I come back there may or may not be a whole new blog design! Exciting!


  1. How amazing! I would love to go to the Maldives one day, your so lucky girl!

    Isobel x

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    1. I had the most incredible time! Can't believe it happened, it feels like it was so long ago now X

  2. Yay can't wait to hear more about it! xx

    Frances Kayleigh

    1. I'm so excited to look through all the photos and share some more! X

  3. How amazing! Have the best time. The Maldives is somewhere I'd love to visit soon hopefully. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos!

    1. They're coming soon! It's an incredible place, you'll absolutely love it! X

  4. Sooo exciting! Can't wait to see more photos! xx

    Lauren Rose :

  5. You look amazing! Have a fab time! Xxx