I will always choose what works best for my blog, YouTube, Instagram and all of my social media accounts. I will not work with any brands and/or products that I feel do not suit me or my audience. I am completely honest about anything sent to me and everything featured whether that be gifted, paid for by myself or part of a paid partnership. If I don't like a brand, product or item I will be transparent with my views and have the right to choose whether or not to feature these on my social media.


Some of the items featured by me are gifted by brands with or without my knowledge. This means that often I will receive a PR package with samples which I am not obliged to share with you but I may choose to. These are clearly marked with courtesy of (c/o) on peexo.co.uk in blog posts dating prior to 31 January 2019.

From 01 February 2019, any gifted items featured in blog posts are marked with [gifted] or [press sample] and all blog posts featuring gifted content will include one of the following in first line of text:

This post contains gifted items marked with [gifted]. 

This does not alter my views towards a brand and/or product. Anything sent to me is for consideration only, unless otherwise stated, and there is no guarantee of a feature on my social channel(s) in exchange for products. This means that I choose what I share on my platforms (good or bad) and am always honest about my thoughts and opinions on anything I share.

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally I am paid to produce content for a brand and/or product, these will be labelled as a paid partnership within the post on peexo.co.uk as well as in the appropriate description box on youtube.com/peexovlogs and also in the captions of any Instagram images with AD, or by using the paid for partnership feature

As of 01 February 2019, blog posts on peexo.co.uk containing paid partnerships will include the following in the first line of text:

This post contains a paid partnership with X brand.

My opinions remain honest and true regardless of whether there is monetary compensation to create content. I only choose to work with brands I already know and love, or brands that I have recently discovered and think you would also love to discover and find out more about. This applies to all my social media outlets.

Affiliate Links

Some of the links used by myself are affiliate. This means if you buy a product using my affiliate links, I am able to earn a small commission from purchases made through them. This does not impact the price you pay for an item or product. It also does not affiliate me with any brands (meaning that by using an affiliate link for a brand/product, it doesn't mean I am working with said brand - I create affiliate links using an external affiliate programme). 

From 01 February 2019, affiliate links will be marked with * and all blog posts featuring affiliate links will include the following in the first line of text:

This post contains affiliate links marked with [*].

As always, my opinions are unchanged regardless of whether I am using affiliate links or not. These simply help me to earn small amounts of commission if you like something I share with you and then choose to buy that item as a result. 

These partnerships allow me to continue working on creating new content to share with you and so your support is so greatly appreciated. Rest assured, my opinions are never impacted by any sort of partnership whether that be gifting or paid partnerships, nor by the use of affiliate links. Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any queries feel free to contact me.