26 February 2019

monthly recap february 2019This post contains affiliate links marked with [*].

Well, February has been a bit of a sh*t month. The only word I can come up with to describe this month is meh. You know when you just can't explain it - it just is.

22 February 2019

5 current beauty favouritesThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

I filmed my monthly favourites yesterday which always makes me look back on the beauty products I've tried: the ones I've really loved and the ones I haven't been so impressed by. This month was a real struggle to find new beauty items to include as I feel like I've found some true staples of mine, products that I really love and revert to time and time again (or in some cases, just never stop using until they run out!) So I wanted to put together a little something on some newly discovered products from this year and I couldn't resist popping in a couple of old favourites too! I absolutely want to work on sharing more beauty on my blog so I hope you enjoy seeing more beauty popping up every now and again.

19 February 2019

transitioning outfits from winter to springThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

After a glorious weekend filled with sunshine, I've been absolutely besotted with the idea that spring is right around the corner. As an autumn/winter lover, I feel as though I'm cheating with spring but I've never been so excited for a new season to grace us. I've been thinking about my style and what I'll be wearing throughout the spring and despite wanting to prance around in skirts and dresses from now on, it's still a little bit too cold for full on spring looks. So I've been layering up and transitioning my style from winter, ready for spring!

15 February 2019

why I'm not that bothered about fashion weekThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

Today marks the start of another season at London Fashion Week and another season that I'm not that bothered about. A few years ago I craved being in attendance and would spend weeks emailing in requests for show tickets and backstage passes but that desire has somewhat disappeared. I've found that the opportunities are so scarce for bloggers. The 5 days spent running around London aren't as glamorous as you may think and honestly, I've never been that interested in high fashion (which is why I always feel a like a bit of an imposter when I use the label fashion blogger to describe my role).

12 February 2019

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One of my favourite things to do in the winter is to run myself a bath and give myself a proper pamper from head-to-toe. The winter months are so rough on our skin and on our minds so allowing yourself to switch off one evening is just the best thing you can do for yourself. Whether that be with a full on pamper session or something a little less intense like switching off your phone and laptop  early and picking up a book instead. Here's what I like to do to unwind in the winter in a few easy steps.

8 February 2019

what not to wear skiing This post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

Despite not going to Scotland deliberately to ski, we did spend one morning at Glencoe Mountain Ski Resort and OMG it was cold! Obviously I knew it would be cold, the temperatures were pretty low in Scotland anyway but once you're up on the mountain, it's ten times colder - or at least it feels that way. Like I said, we didn't go to ski so I wasn't about to splash out on ski gear for a few hours up on the mountain so I packed thermals, jumpers and fleece lined boots and leggings and despite feeling toasty throughout the day - it just wasn't the same on Glencoe Mountain. Although I did really love what I wore, it probably wasn't the most appropriate clothing... but that's pretty much the story of my life, constantly dressing inappropriately for the weather what can I say.

5 February 2019

what to do in scotlandThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and press samples.

I'm back from a mini trip to Scotland! Less than a week away but so many photos to go through! As always, first on my radar are the photos I took on my iPhone - I guess it's because I'm always flicking through them on my phone so I have a rough idea of what I want to share and post. My boyfriend and I got back late Sunday night, I've spent most of the day unpacking (because I managed to fill my suitcase with 22kg worth of stuff for a 5 day trip) and spent the rest of the day filtering through a huge number of photos from the trip which you should be seeing more of soon.

1 February 2019

valentine's day wishlistThis post contains affiliate links.

Hello February! We're officially in the second month of the year and whether you're a fan of the occasion or not, Valentine's Day is fast approaching. I've been saving things in a wishlist for a while, I think since mid-January when I first started spotting pieces online and in-store. I absolutely adore all of the Valentine's Day inspired clothing and accessories, anything pink, anything red and if it's embezzled with hearts then even better! I wanted to share my wishlist for any of you who want to use the day as an excuse to do some shopping. I don't know about you, but I'll take any excuse!