31 January 2018

lodnon blog peexo fashion capsule wardrobe
Finito! My January style challenge has come to an end. Life with a capsule wardrobe wasn't so bad, I'm genuinely proud of myself for completing the month with only a few moments of not complying (work duties!) but I'm also so pleased it's over. January has felt like the longest of months and this reflected on my capsule wardrobe completely - I got pretty bored by the end of it! I'm really excited about opening up my whole wardrobe again and just being able to introduce more variety into my blog, YouTube, Instagram - basically everywhere!

26 January 2018

With my January style challenge very nearly coming to a close, I want to share a few things that I've learnt from having a capsule wardrobe for a month. Not only have I become more experimental with my style, I've also figured out what works and what doesn't work for me. I'm more aware of the clothing I pick, what I want vs. what I will get the most wear out of. Because trust me, those are two very different things.

24 January 2018

london style blog peexo fashion
It's pretty rare for me to buy new jeans although recently I've actually bought quite a few new pairs - some I've kept, some I've returned. Buying jeans is so tricky and honestly, once you find a pair that are the perfect fit for you then don't let go! With that said, I'm always up for trying something new, I'm always shopping and so newbies are inevitable (even if I think I've found my perfect pair).

22 January 2018

winter layering peexo fashion blog
I did a lot of brainstorming before I made the final decisions on what to include in my capsule wardrobe (this really is all I talk about these days!) I tried to consider what I would need, what I would want to wear and what I would get the most wear out of this month. I have found that layering is of the upmost importance when it comes to creating a winter capsule wardrobe and having enough pieces to mix-and-match is one of the essentials.

19 January 2018

Going out out: it isn't something I do frequently if at all to be completely honest, I've never really enjoyed going out - more so the process of getting ready as opposed to actually going out (I hope I'm not the only one!) I made sure I included some appropriate options in my capsule wardrobe should I need them and whilst I haven't needed any yet, I wanted to put together a possible combination for if I do need something. Plus, tonight is date night so I needed some ideas stat!

17 January 2018

peexo wrap dress winter layering
I'm doing this thing where I try not to be too hard on myself when it comes to my content; last night, after spending the day shooting, I remembered that Wednesday is blog post day and I was ready to start scrambling down my thoughts into a blog post at 11pm which would mean I would be up until the early hours to have a post scheduled for 9am. I decided not to do that and instead put more time and energy into creating this blog post in the morning. I forgot.

15 January 2018

peexo mondrian london hotel stay
A night in with the girls - a night in with an amazing group of bloggers - really inspired me to think about us bloggers, the women in this industry and what we have all, as a collective, created online for ourselves. Whilst what you see on the surface may appear to be solely superficial - yet another photo of her outfit, there she is again pretending to apply lipstick whilst lounging in her bathrobe - there is so much more to it. Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding a few key questions including: what are blogs? What should bloggers be sharing, or striving to promote?

12 January 2018

london street style pinstripe trousers peexo
 I never steer too far from my beloved jeans, I'd say the most experimental I get is trying new styles (which I'm always open to) but I when it comes to bottoms it's either jeans or no jeans - meaning I instead opt for a dress, skirt, shorts etc. not stepping out in my underwear to avoid any confusion! However, as part of my January style challenge I thought I may as well attempt to step out of my comfort zone and I included a pair of pinstripe trousers in my capsule wardrobe which have been a revelation.

8 January 2018

january style challenge 30 piece capsule wardrobe peexo
I've had a slow start to the month, and year, but despite feeling like I've been somewhat absent over the past few weeks I wanted to come back and do something a little bit different. And so this month I have set myself a style challenge, which I am so aptly calling my January Style Challenge where I have chosen 30 pieces to make up a capsule wardrobe for the month. I am both excited about it but equally worried about how the month will pan out and whether or not I'll make it to the end of January loving the pieces I've picked or loathing them.