18 December 2018

last minute christmas gift guide 2019
 I imagine most of us have our Christmas shopping done and dusted but if you're one of those people who often leaves things to the very last minute then this week is probably a hectic one for you. With that in mind, I thought I'd share a final few gift ideas for the different people in your life: the foodie, the work-a-holic, the person who has everything and more! There's a little bit of everything in my final gifting post of 2019 but if you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for someone then be sure to check out my YouTube channel 'peexo vlogs' where I shared six different gift guides in total as well as a couple of other blog posts too (scroll down for those).

14 December 2018

3 sequin midi skirts and how to style them
There's just over a week to go until the busiest week of the year, the lead up to Christmas followed by New Year's Eve! I've been sharing so much partywear over on my Instagram recently and I thought it was about time I shared something on my blog too. I wanted to base this post on what has been my absolute go-to this season when it comes to partywear: sequins! The high street has been flooded with sequins and naturally, like a magpie, I've gravitated towards all the glitz and glitter. I decided to pick out three of my favourite sequin midi skirts and style each one in a different way - think: Christmas day, last day at work and going out out.

11 December 2018

gift wrap ideas at christmas peexo blog
It's the finishing touches on a gift that can really make it that little bit more special for the recipient. Equally, it's the finishing touches that make wrapping all the more fun for me when I'm sat at my table doing some Christmas wrapping! For that reason, I thought I'd put together a short blog post on simple ways I like to add a finishing touch to my gifts when wrapping. Nothing groundbreaking, simply a mix of things I do every year and new things I've tried for the first time this year, loved, and wanted to share with you!

6 December 2018

christmas in london peexo
 Hello December, let the real festivities begin. Having a December birthday usually means I never really get in to the festive spirit until about half way through the month but this year I've been itching to sing Christmas songs and take a bite out of my first Christmas chocolates for what feels like the longest time! So as soon as my birthday passed on December 2nd, I was in full on Christmas mode by the 3rd. There's just something about December and the festive feeling that comes with it and this year I've felt it more than ever before! Now that we're well and truly into the month, I wanted to share some of the things I'm most looking forward to in the lead up to Christmas.

4 December 2018

christmas fragrance gifting peexo blog
When it comes to Christmas gifting, I think fragrance plays a big part in that. Whether you're gifting someone a scent to wear throughout the upcoming months or fragrance to fill a home, you can give the gift of a fragrance that they'll love at Christmas time. Whilst I think scent can be quite a personal one, as long as you know a little bit about a person and what they like and dislike (try and find out what their favourite fragrance is beforehand for an idea of what they'll like to receive) then a new scent can make the perfect gift. For that reason, I wanted to share a blog post centred around fragrance and the gift of scent.

1 December 2018

christmas gift guides 2018
Welcoming December with my 2018 Christmas Gift Guides, filled with gift ideas for just about everyone in your family and friendship groups. Gift ideas for the women in your lives, from your grandma to your best girlfriend and gift ideas for the men in your life, who we all know are notoriously hard to buy for, especially at Christmas! I've included a selection of the best beauty gifts this year and plenty of non-beauty gift ideas too. Not to mention, a cracking selection of Christmas beauty crackers, baubles and tree ornaments! With various price points so you can ensure you spend within your budget. With Christmas less than a month away (I can't blimmin' believe it!) it's time to get gifting...

27 November 2018

london blogger peexo november recap
Do you know what? Finding something interesting to write about every time I want to share a new blog post is a challenge. I've admitted time and time again that creative writing really isn't my strong point and sometimes I just want to share a set of photos I love or an outfit I enjoyed wearing without having to come up with a story to share alongside it. I kind of just want to write about random things - how my week has been, new things I've tried and things I've done. So, I think that's what I'm going to start doing more of. Let's say these will be like mini diary entries, I don't know how frequently these will appear but what I do know is that they're starting today!

23 November 2018

black friday cyber weekend deals 2018
 Black Friday has come around sooner than ever this year, I can't quite believe we've been swimming in discounts for the past week! This year, so many brands have kick started their Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals early and they're still going strong. Now that all of the best discount codes are available and activated, I'm sharing loads of them in this post. You'll find an A-Z of brands and their Black Friday/Cyber Weekend discounts (scroll down to see all of these), alongside some of my top picks from high street to high end. Honestly, there are so many deals and discount codes jam packed into this blog post - you'll have a field day online shopping!

19 November 2018

peexo giftng guide
Christmas is fast approaching and I am completely engrossed in all things festive already! One of my favourite things of the season is gift giving, I find the whole process behind giving a present so exciting; the picking and choosing a gift for a loved one, scouring websites and stores in search of the perfect gift, all the way to putting the final finishing touches on a beautifully wrapped present (I'm one of those people who absolutely loves wrapping presents!) With not too long to go until December 25th, now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for this year. So whether you're an eager Christmas shopper or someone who tends to leave things to the very last minute, hopefully these tips will help you pick out the perfect gift(s) to give this Christmas.

12 November 2018

small weekly goals peexo autumn style
 I've been setting myself some small goals in an attempt to motivate myself to do more. Recently I've found myself stuck in such a rut with both a lack of routine and a lack of motivation. I find I'm often aimlessly scrolling on my phone or staring at my laptop waiting for something fun to happen and I realised that actually, I need to make the fun happen (ok, fun probably isn't the best word to use in this case but bare with me...) After a busy weekend, I set myself some goals for the week ahead and surprisingly, actually tried to stick to them! So I thought I'd share what they were seeing as I often struggle to find motivation and setting myself these small goals helped.

6 November 2018

best satin skirts on the high street peexo blog
Satin skirts are everywhere right now, from high end to high street and I'm here for it! Paired with a chunky jumper for day time wear or with a slinky top to match for an evening out - the possibilities really are endless with a satin midi skirt. I've put together an edit sharing some of the satin skirts I've found whilst scouring the internet. You know me and my love for a bargain so all of these are available right now on the high street, I've done all the searching so you don't have to!

31 October 2018

peexo 35mm film camera halloween discount codes
Happy Halloween!

Whilst I wouldn't say I'm the biggest fan of Halloween, this year I've been completely sucked in by it. Pumpkin picking and pumpkin carving - getting ready for tonight's trick-or-treaters. Sadly, I don't think I get away with going out to trick-or-treat anymore but that's alright because the high street has provided us with plenty of treats to tuck in to! Yes, you've guessed it... for a limited time only (some only lasting until midnight tonight) there are some exclusive discount codes floating about. So I've compiled some of my favourites, alongside some of my most coveted items, for you to tuck in to this Halloween. Enjoy...

30 October 2018

blogging full time truths peexo blog
After graduating from university in July 2017 I didn't know what the future would hold but I knew I wanted to give blogging a proper go. I decided to take the plunge and go full time to see whether it was something I could seriously consider as my sole source of income in the future. Since September 2017, I have been updating this blog post monthly - or thereabouts - with ramblings from each month sharing how I'm feeling, what I've worked on and just basically how things have been going throughout my first year of blogging full time.

26 October 2018

foxes farm produce pumpkin patch london peexo blog
Last year I visited a pumpkin patch for the first time and believe me, it was all down to the Instagram hype. I think it's been a big deal in America over the past few years but it only appears to be kicking off in the UK more recently with more and more pumpkin fields opening up to the public and more and more Instagram photo ops available. So once again, me, my best friend and mum took a trip to a nearby pumpkin farm for some pictures. This got me thinking about all the things I do for the sake of the 'gram. I mean, if it wasn't for the intention of getting that cool October pumpkin patch photo for my Instagram, I probably wouldn't be as inclined to visit. So, just how much does Instagram actually impact my life?

5 October 2018

peexo 5 things I'm looking forward to this autumn
Oh, Autumn. I bloody love this season! Cue the flurry of new knitwear picks (because who can resist the pull of new knitwear), falling leaves, crisp mornings and long autumn strolls. We're a few weeks in to the season and I'm just so excited about what's to come this autumn. Admittedly, these photos were taken a couple of weeks ago and so they're potentially not the most autumnal... for some reason, I doubt I'll be reaching for my open-toe sandals for much longer. But the leaves were beginning to fall and my knitwear made its first appearance which I think is pretty autumnal if you ask me! Today I wanted to share my love of this season and five things I'm looking forward to.

25 September 2018

film camera portugal holiday summer peexo
I'm so excited to share this blog post! It took me longer than planned to get my film developed (it's practically been a month since I've been back from my holiday in Portugal) but I actually think that somehow helped to add an extra element of surprise when I finally went to pick up the photos. I bought a couple of disposable cameras before my holiday as I thought it would be quite fun to experiment with film, with only 27 shots per camera I was a bit frugal when it came to using them up but I love how the images came out. I didn't really know what to expect but I'm pleasantly surprised with the images and couldn't wait to share some of my favourites with you!

19 September 2018

peexo autumn office wear
For years September has symbolised a new start for me - a bit like a new year - I think it's down to spending approximately 20 years in education, these things tend to stick with you! Following a long summer of typically doing less work and more play, when September comes around it kicks my butt back into gear. I wanted to put together a little workwear edit for you because it can be so difficult to know what to wear post summer (especially throughout September when the weather is ever-changing). So here's what I would wear back to work.

11 September 2018

peexo personal style blog autumn transitional style
One of the hardest things I find coming to terms with post-holiday is getting back into a routine. It's no secret that for a while my routine has been a bit all over the place/non-existent (oops!) I struggle quite a bit over the summer when it comes to content creation, it isn't my favourite season - I know a lot of you will disagree but I've never been a massive fan of the summer months. I don't know what it is but there's just something about the summer that pretty much brings my content to a halt and I just end up feeling crap as a result. With that said, September marks the start of a new season and a new lease of life so I'm doing my best to make a change!

7 September 2018

peexo new season leopard print
I am soooooo excited that leopard print is a BIG trend this autumn! It often makes its way into autumn and winter styling, albeit subtly, almost every year but nothing like we're seeing this season and OMG I'm absolutely here for it. The animal print has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but my goodness, I'm excited that this season I won't need to feel guilty for loving it as much as I do. In my opinion, leopard print is such a classic and when done right, it can be a timeless wardrobe addition. I bought my first pair of leopard print boots back in 2016 and they quickly became a staple for me (so much so that I kept them up until they were completely wrecked, and only finally bid goodbye to them when I had found a suitable replacement for them obviously). But, leopard print can be done wrong... so here's my two cents on new season leopard print and how to do it right.

4 September 2018

peexo fashion blog instagram tips
Last month was spent mostly in Portugal on holiday with my family and with that, came an unintentional absence from social media, notably Instagram. I put the emphasis on Instagram because I have definitely succumbed to the pull of Instagram and allowed my other platforms to take a back seat (which is something I'm not proud of and am dying to change but it's much harder than I anticipated!) Don't get me wrong, I was still scrolling through my Instagram feed daily BUT the difference to my usual antics was that I had nothing new to post so I didn't. Taking a break isn't a bad thing but I noticed a few things which I thought I'd share with you!

31 August 2018

summer style peexo blog
I've been away. I was on holiday in Portugal for my annual 3-4 week long trip this month but admittedly, I've been away from my blog for much longer. I've felt a bit meh recently, especially towards social media and my work over the past month in particular. Summer time tends to be quite slow generally speaking, I find myself with a smaller workload and less engagement across social media which I attribute to the fact a lot of us spend time away on holiday in August. And well, I've come to realise that when I go on holiday I feel guilty.

23 June 2018

top picks summer sales uk 2018
Happy Saturday! Is there a better way to start the weekend than with some sale shopping? I think not! I've come across so many fab finds in the newly launched summer sales that I simply couldn't resist putting together a wishlist of all my favourite things on sale at the moment. Trust me, there's a lot I'm loving right now! As a result, Sunday's video will be a huge haul featuring some of these items (because yes, I couldn't just put together a wishlist without buying anything myself - it was far too tempting!) But until then, here's what I'm loving in the sale right now...

20 June 2018

peexo blog summer sandals marks and spencer
London in the sunshine is the absolute best! Honestly, the city comes to life in the sun. People are happier, so much more friendly and we're all just living our best lives in the sun right?! There's nothing I love more than going for a wander in the sunshine on the weekends but a stroll in the city isn't like a stroll along the beach. There are other, less glamorous, factors to consider like will my dress stay put? Will I stay cool on the underground? And potentially the most important, will my shoes be comfortable?

This post is sponsored by Marks and Spencer. All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

1 June 2018

peexo summer holiday travel outfit ideas
A couple of weeks ago I visited Tenerife for the first time; despite being a press trip (we were invited to experience the new Iberostar Sábila hotel which has been recently renovated) this mini getaway was the perfect opportunity to wind down. I took my camera along but barely touched it, only snapping away on my phone but I still wanted to share some of those pictures with you because they are memories after all! Queue all the holiday outfits!

1 May 2018

peexo personal style blog spring outerwear
 When it comes to spring time and dressing for it there are a few things I struggle with, one of those being finding the right balance between being too hot or being too cold. The weather in the UK is a constant battle against hot and cold (most of the time, cold comes out on top sadly) so being prepared for it never hurts - even in the midst of spring! This couldn't be more relatable than right now either, I brainstormed this post a few weeks ago and here we are, May 1st and it's pouring with rain.

27 April 2018

5 things I'm looking forward to this spring peexo blog
The UK has definitely been playing us with snow storms, cold weather and days of rain - naturally, on the day I post this it's raining. So as April nears its end (how has so much of this year gone by so quickly already?!) I'm hoping that the mini heatwave we had last week is a sign of what's to come and not the end of the British summer... With that said, I felt like it's about time to share the five things I'm most looking forward to this Spring!

20 April 2018

house of fraser spring shoes peexo blog
It is HOT in London right now! I think we can finally say spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier. Naturally, I've been switching out my jeans for dresses and boots for sandals amidst this heatwave. I find that throughout the spring and summer months I mostly want to wear sandals all day long because they're just the most comfortable aren't they? Although they're not always the most adequate for every occasion so here are a few footwear alternatives to completely change your look, starting with the shoes (and an outfit to go alongside them of course!)

This post is sponsored by House of Fraser. All thoughts, styling and opinions are my own, as always.

17 April 2018

spring trends I didn't think I would love
Trends. Loved by some, but loathed by many. I wouldn't consider myself, or my style, to be very trend led but I'm always open to trying new styles. Every season there's an influx of sometimes new, sometimes recurring trends which hit the high street and every season I try something new. The outcome isn't always positive but this season there have been quite a few trends I've tried and loved despite thinking that wouldn't be the case so I wanted to share those with you in case you need an extra push to try something new.

13 April 2018

tips for wearing more white spring style peexo
After having fallen into the hole of wearing all black (mourning the spring we haven't had of course) I've been wanting to ditch my dark wardrobe for lighter colours - reserved exclusively for the days when we get sunshine rather than rain which sadly, have been few and sparse but I'd like to think there's still hope. Sometimes adding colour can be daunting so when ditching black why not do a full 360 and go for white instead?! White has been very popular on the high street recently, I've seen so many white pieces and a vast array of all-white looks on Instagram so naturally, I'm sold and have been slowly but surely integrating more of it into my spring style.

11 April 2018

peexo fashion blog thoughts on blogging
Recently I shared my thoughts on blogging in an Instagram caption and I really valued reading your thoughts on it - where you stand and what you think about blogs and blogging in general. I think most of us are currently in blogging limbo having previously started out in this industry with thanks to blogs and now watching them fizzle out, or at least becoming less popular than they once were. With that said, my blog is one of my favourite platforms and it's also my own - it's not owned by Facebook (like Instagram is) nor owned by Google (like YouTube is) - it's my own platform, on my own terms so I want to get to a happy place with my blog once again and I'm really going to strive to make that happen. Starting now - I hope to share more in depth posts, still relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel as those are topics I love but I want these posts to offer you more than just the outfit details that you can get easily on my Instagram for example.

27 March 2018

peexo primark spring style fashion blog
I'm always keen on trying new trends - whether they be right up my street or a little out of my comfort zone - I'll always give a new style a go. This is one of the reasons why I love blogging so much, it really opens up these opportunities and I try much more than I would have dared try in the past. You've probably noticed that my recent obsession has been suits: skirt suits, shorts suits, striped suits, pastel suits.. you name it, I've probably worn it!

24 March 2018

peexo blog spring high street clothing wishlist
I've already bought a considerable amount of spring clothing but the season is currently nowhere to be seen and the Beast from the East 3.0 is due back for Easter so sensible me has decided that since I can't wear any of my spring picks, I've curated a list of some of my absolute favourite things on the high street right now. I'm sure I'll come back to this and end up spending all my money in the blink of an eye! For now, I say dress for the weather you want not the weather you have (I will not take responsibility for any illnesses that come as a result of this). I haven't done a wishlist in such a long time but I've been browsing online a lot and have accumulated a long list of things I really want, so here goes...

20 March 2018

personal style blog peexo london
 Today's blog post is probably pretty boring as far as blog posts go but I just wanted to go back to basics and share what has been my go-to outfit over the past couple of weeks. I'm definitely in a bit of style rut despite knowing exactly what I want to wear (I mean, have you seen the extent of my spring wardrobe already?! FYI if you haven't, it's pretty much plastered all over my Instagram (@peexo) at the moment!) Sadly it's still too cold for all my spring picks so I've been reaching for a variation of this outfit on a near daily basis.

17 March 2018

I wrote this post the last time we were faced with snow in the UK, which crazily was only a couple of weeks ago, but then it stopped snowing and I didn't see the point in sharing this blog post anymore. Instead, I thought I'd save it in the archives until next year... Oh! Hello snow?!  Who'd have thought we'd see snow in again March? I'm sure you've heard this before but I mean, it wouldn't be very British of us if we didn't spend the majority of our time complaining about the weather! A short post for this snowy Saturday, in March.. who'd have thought?!

8 March 2018

london blog peexo living in a city
I've been wanting to write, what feels like an ode to London, for such a long time! I was looking through some of my archived photos and came across these which were taken back in October last year, the backdrop felt perfect for this blog post. I was born in London and have lived here for my whole life (bar my university years where I spent 3 away from home in Canterbury, and 1 in France during my year abroad) so London holds a special place in my heart and I am definitely a city girl through and through.

5 March 2018

shearling trucker jacket missguided peexo blog
Hello March and hello (again) winter wardrobe! I'm kicking myself over the fact I didn't buy any jumpers at the start of the year, thinking I was being really good and refraining from buying knitwear because we wouldn't be needing it much longer. Boy, was I wrong. To add to my frustration it's now too late to buy knitwear as the majority of stores have introduced their spring/summer pieces. Meanwhile, the sun - and any sign of spring - is nowhere to be seen. Although the snow has cleared so we're getting there...

2 March 2018

peexo bloggers use of affiliate links
Whilst working away on my laptop a notification popped up for a comment that was left on one of my recent YouTube videos, I couldn't see the whole thing, just the first few characters "Patricia gets com" this instantly set off alarm bells so I checked to see what it was. I felt compelled to reply straight away and there's been so much running through my mind since then so I thought writing a blog post would be the best way to get my thoughts across. The full comment read: "Patricia gets commission on almost all the products (including camera equipment) she mentions in the video ..." 
My first thought: so what?

27 February 2018

peexo blog fashion street style london
Before even saying anything I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about... the latest app on the block: Vero. I have no idea where the rise of Vero came from, all I know is that it was basically everywhere this weekend and continues to fill up my twitter feed. The majority of bloggers I know and follow have been joining the platform (myself included) and encouraging others to do the same, dubbing it the new Instagram. So naturally, after the influx of Vero cards flying around social media during the weekend I couldn't help but feel compelled to write down my thoughts and hopefully open up a discussion about whether we, as bloggers and as people, really need another form of social media to update on a near-daily basis.

20 February 2018

green check suit zara peexo fashion blogger
 If you're a long-time reader then I'm sure you'll know that I'm all for experimenting with my style, trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. Having recently fallen for trousers (and subsequently added a few new pairs into my wardrobe) followed by a new-found love for baker boy hats (after finally finding some that fit) has left me itching to try more new things. Having been recently approached by Style Doctors for a personal styling session of course I jumped at the opportunity and said YES! It can be so refreshing to see other people's ideas and styling some outfits on your behalf.

15 February 2018

This time last year I began planning a hen do for one of my childhood friends. Having never been to a hen do before, let alone planned one, I was quite nervous about it and had no idea what needed to be done! With a limited budget, a scarily tight time-frame and lots of people I had never met before - in February it was time to kick start the planning for the July hen-do (yes, it really is best to start early!) Today I'm sharing what I learnt and some tips for a London hen do as well as sharing what we got up to of course!

8 February 2018

trench coat spring transitional style peexo fashion blog
I'm a winter baby (born in December) so I never really mind winter, I actually enjoy the excuse to bundle up and spend cosy nights indoors - I feel like it's far more acceptable to throughout the winter than the summer. I would always choose to be too cold than too warm, there's nothing I hate more than being too hot! Not one to wish winter away ever but today I'm really feeling done with the season. Typing away from my sick bed, I genuinely can't wait for warmer weather and spring to arrive!

5 February 2018

peexo fashion blog london personal style
The blogging world has changed so much since it first began, so much since I first started blogging around 4 years ago and I don't doubt that blogs will continue to change in years to come. As exciting as it is to be a part of this industry, it's also scary to not know what the future holds - it could be incredible but for me, the fear of the unknown kicks in. Most people, myself included, start up blogging as a hobby alongside something else, I don't think any of us who began blogging years ago thought it could ever end up being our job.

31 January 2018

lodnon blog peexo fashion capsule wardrobe
Finito! My January style challenge has come to an end. Life with a capsule wardrobe wasn't so bad, I'm genuinely proud of myself for completing the month with only a few moments of not complying (work duties!) but I'm also so pleased it's over. January has felt like the longest of months and this reflected on my capsule wardrobe completely - I got pretty bored by the end of it! I'm really excited about opening up my whole wardrobe again and just being able to introduce more variety into my blog, YouTube, Instagram - basically everywhere!

26 January 2018

With my January style challenge very nearly coming to a close, I want to share a few things that I've learnt from having a capsule wardrobe for a month. Not only have I become more experimental with my style, I've also figured out what works and what doesn't work for me. I'm more aware of the clothing I pick, what I want vs. what I will get the most wear out of. Because trust me, those are two very different things.

24 January 2018

london style blog peexo fashion
It's pretty rare for me to buy new jeans although recently I've actually bought quite a few new pairs - some I've kept, some I've returned. Buying jeans is so tricky and honestly, once you find a pair that are the perfect fit for you then don't let go! With that said, I'm always up for trying something new, I'm always shopping and so newbies are inevitable (even if I think I've found my perfect pair).

22 January 2018

winter layering peexo fashion blog
I did a lot of brainstorming before I made the final decisions on what to include in my capsule wardrobe (this really is all I talk about these days!) I tried to consider what I would need, what I would want to wear and what I would get the most wear out of this month. I have found that layering is of the upmost importance when it comes to creating a winter capsule wardrobe and having enough pieces to mix-and-match is one of the essentials.

19 January 2018

Going out out: it isn't something I do frequently if at all to be completely honest, I've never really enjoyed going out - more so the process of getting ready as opposed to actually going out (I hope I'm not the only one!) I made sure I included some appropriate options in my capsule wardrobe should I need them and whilst I haven't needed any yet, I wanted to put together a possible combination for if I do need something. Plus, tonight is date night so I needed some ideas stat!

17 January 2018

peexo wrap dress winter layering
I'm doing this thing where I try not to be too hard on myself when it comes to my content; last night, after spending the day shooting, I remembered that Wednesday is blog post day and I was ready to start scrambling down my thoughts into a blog post at 11pm which would mean I would be up until the early hours to have a post scheduled for 9am. I decided not to do that and instead put more time and energy into creating this blog post in the morning. I forgot.

15 January 2018

peexo mondrian london hotel stay
A night in with the girls - a night in with an amazing group of bloggers - really inspired me to think about us bloggers, the women in this industry and what we have all, as a collective, created online for ourselves. Whilst what you see on the surface may appear to be solely superficial - yet another photo of her outfit, there she is again pretending to apply lipstick whilst lounging in her bathrobe - there is so much more to it. Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding a few key questions including: what are blogs? What should bloggers be sharing, or striving to promote?

12 January 2018

london street style pinstripe trousers peexo
 I never steer too far from my beloved jeans, I'd say the most experimental I get is trying new styles (which I'm always open to) but I when it comes to bottoms it's either jeans or no jeans - meaning I instead opt for a dress, skirt, shorts etc. not stepping out in my underwear to avoid any confusion! However, as part of my January style challenge I thought I may as well attempt to step out of my comfort zone and I included a pair of pinstripe trousers in my capsule wardrobe which have been a revelation.