30 August 2017

douro valley portugal summer peexo travel blogger
As the end of this year's break in Portugal approached, we did our best to fit in some more exploring before we had to pack our bags to head back to reality. A car drive following the Rio Tua led us to Foz do Tua; smaller than a village, the hamlet housed a train station, café, some houses and little else. We stuck around for a while to do some exploring and grab a drink, and then, a coal train pulled in.

28 August 2017

Just like that, three weeks have gone by super quickly and I'm heading back to the UK tonight! I must admit, I'm really looking forward to being back home but having said that, I enjoyed my time in Portugal and tried to make the most of it as best as I could. So, here's a roundup of my final week in Portugal and what I got up to.

25 August 2017

making the most of wherever you are
This summer I vowed to make the most of being in a different country and different location. I've struggled with making my holidays look idyllic in the past (reality dictates that not everything is as incredible as it looks online) but I've tried to make that feel different this time around by making the most of where I am.

23 August 2017

peexo summer wedding guest portugal
I can't believe week 2 in Portugal has been and gone, this summer is going by super quickly and whilst I'm really looking forward to Autumn and being back in London, it doesn't stop me from felling slightly scared about how quickly this summer has flown by - I only have 1 week left! But enough of that, here's a look at what I got up to last week!

21 August 2017

peexo fashion blogger summer style
Last week we were by the sea for a couple of days for a wedding and so naturally, we squeezed in a trip to the beach! We spent most of the day at the beach and then went back to our hotel to shower and change for the evening. One thing I love about being by the beach is the incredible sunset which we made sure we didn't miss!

18 August 2017

peexo countryside portugal style
It's heartbreaking to hear about all the forest fires that are devastating Portugal at the moment, it's scary to feel the constant threat of fires spreading through the country. Whilst forest fires aren't a new occurrence in Portugal, every year they seem to get worse, affecting so many people and always the most vulnerable in villages like mine, surrounded by greenery.

16 August 2017

portugal travel blog peexo
 In 2015, I started this mini feature whilst in Portugal and so far, it's been a yearly thing. For that reason, I thought I'd bring it back again! As I spend quite a lot of time in Portugal I thought it would be nice to share some snippets of what I get up to on a weekly basis. I've decided to keep these roundups very casual with some snaps from my iPhone as they're usually the photos I really love and rarely get to share other than on my Instagram story (which disappears after 24hrs anyway). So here goes...

14 August 2017

peexo summer in portugal
This year - thanks to Instagram believe it or not - I've fallen for the Portugal I know. I say thanks to Instagram because it's on trend to capture images of vineyards, lemon trees and fresh fruits which is exactly what I am surrounded by here. I used to desperately search for white backgrounds and perfectly painted houses but this year, I couldn't be less interested in finding those and rather sharing snippets of what I've known my whole life.

4 August 2017

peexo travel blogger desert dubai
 Going to the desert was something I desperately wanted to do whilst in Dubai, it's something so surreal yet we missed out on the experience during our first trip to Dubai back in 2014 and I wished we had been. So this time around it simply couldn't go a-miss. And so, one evening we set off from our hotel for a desert adventure.