27 April 2018

5 things I'm looking forward to this spring peexo blog
The UK has definitely been playing us with snow storms, cold weather and days of rain - naturally, on the day I post this it's raining. So as April nears its end (how has so much of this year gone by so quickly already?!) I'm hoping that the mini heatwave we had last week is a sign of what's to come and not the end of the British summer... With that said, I felt like it's about time to share the five things I'm most looking forward to this Spring!

20 April 2018

house of fraser spring shoes peexo blog
It is HOT in London right now! I think we can finally say spring has arrived and I couldn't be happier. Naturally, I've been switching out my jeans for dresses and boots for sandals amidst this heatwave. I find that throughout the spring and summer months I mostly want to wear sandals all day long because they're just the most comfortable aren't they? Although they're not always the most adequate for every occasion so here are a few footwear alternatives to completely change your look, starting with the shoes (and an outfit to go alongside them of course!)

This post is sponsored by House of Fraser. All thoughts, styling and opinions are my own, as always.

17 April 2018

spring trends I didn't think I would love
Trends. Loved by some, but loathed by many. I wouldn't consider myself, or my style, to be very trend led but I'm always open to trying new styles. Every season there's an influx of sometimes new, sometimes recurring trends which hit the high street and every season I try something new. The outcome isn't always positive but this season there have been quite a few trends I've tried and loved despite thinking that wouldn't be the case so I wanted to share those with you in case you need an extra push to try something new.

13 April 2018

tips for wearing more white spring style peexo
After having fallen into the hole of wearing all black (mourning the spring we haven't had of course) I've been wanting to ditch my dark wardrobe for lighter colours - reserved exclusively for the days when we get sunshine rather than rain which sadly, have been few and sparse but I'd like to think there's still hope. Sometimes adding colour can be daunting so when ditching black why not do a full 360 and go for white instead?! White has been very popular on the high street recently, I've seen so many white pieces and a vast array of all-white looks on Instagram so naturally, I'm sold and have been slowly but surely integrating more of it into my spring style.

11 April 2018

peexo fashion blog thoughts on blogging
Recently I shared my thoughts on blogging in an Instagram caption and I really valued reading your thoughts on it - where you stand and what you think about blogs and blogging in general. I think most of us are currently in blogging limbo having previously started out in this industry with thanks to blogs and now watching them fizzle out, or at least becoming less popular than they once were. With that said, my blog is one of my favourite platforms and it's also my own - it's not owned by Facebook (like Instagram is) nor owned by Google (like YouTube is) - it's my own platform, on my own terms so I want to get to a happy place with my blog once again and I'm really going to strive to make that happen. Starting now - I hope to share more in depth posts, still relating to fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel as those are topics I love but I want these posts to offer you more than just the outfit details that you can get easily on my Instagram for example.