27 April 2017

peexo spring style life update
 With exams looming and final year coming to an end I really need to focus on university first and foremost. As much as it pains me, my blog will suffer as a result but I just hope you understand and will stick around!

25 April 2017

peexo style blogger spring
I find myself ignoring some shops because of their demographic - the demographic I have subconsciously given them - some I naturally associate with an older market and am therefore less inclined to pop in to but having recently found some gems online, it's a mistake I won't be making anymore.

13 April 2017

spring essentials culottes peexo style blogger
Currently obsessing over all things cropped, be it cropped trousers, cropped denim and the beloved culottes but styling them casually can be sometimes prove difficult.

11 April 2017

designer dupes peexo spring style blogger london
At a time where it seems like every blogger and their dog has a wardrobe filled with designer items, I'm talking about why I'm not in a rush to invest in designer despite it's rise in popularity within the blogosphere.

9 April 2017

spring style blogger peexo topshop red top
 My experience with colour over the past month or so has been so much fun, I've fallen in love with both bold and bright colours and it's really inspired me.

6 April 2017

peexo fashion personal style blogger spring london
 An outfit is never complete without a bag but for some reason when it comes to my blog I simply haven't felt inspired by my collection.

4 April 2017

5 ways to add colour spring style peexo 
Adding colour to my wardrobe has been one of the best things I've done so far this spring, I love how much of a difference wearing a bright colour like yellow or red (two of my current favourites) can make. 

2 April 2017

peexo blogging impact on my style
 As my style journey continues, I've been desperately trying to ditch the denim for spring time and the latest step in that direction has been adding a culotte jumpsuit to my wardrobe.