31 January 2017

peexo style blogger january fashion
Why have I been feeling so rubbish about my blog in the new year? I expected January to be a fresh start, where everything would fall into place and run smoothly but when that wasn't happening it felt like the new year was already taking a turn for the worse.

29 January 2017

peexo travel blogger things to do in maldives
After a whirlwind 10 days spent in the Maldives there's so much to share! Where we stayed, the experience and what we got up to.

26 January 2017

peexo travel blogger maldives desert island
One of the things we were adamant to do was head to a desert island, in my mind I imagined being on a desert island would be like an episode of shipwrecked, I kind of wanted to be set tasks and try to survive on an island with some coconut trees and little else but that wasn't the case.

24 January 2017

peexo maldives holiday style
I mostly wore old favourites from the summer before as opposed to buying lots of new things for the sake of ten days. Of course I did get a few new things here and there but mostly old favourites got another chance to shine. 

22 January 2017

pitusa pom pom dress peexo maldives
Brace yourselves for a seriously photo-heavy post. I'm going to go ahead and just let you know in advance that my posts from the Maldives are going to be huge! Starting off with some snaps from my iPhone.

5 January 2017

peexo blogger winter style fashion
You know me and my love for ankle boots by now, but I often choose heeled boots over flat boots. Picking out the perfect pair of flat ankle boots can be difficult but I think I've found the perfect pair!

3 January 2017

2016 achievements peexo
I know that over the next couple of weeks there will be a huge influx of New Year posts: resolutions, goals and so much more. But rather than share those, I want to talk about my achievements over the past 12 months.