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Hello! I’m Patricia, a twenty-something year old based in the city of London, sharing my personal style and daily life online. Established in 2014, Peexo started out as a fashion and personal style blog which has expanded over the years, now covering topics of beauty, lifestyle, travel and blogging too! I hope my content will help inspire you and I look forward to getting to know you.
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New In My Wardrobe

2 February 2021

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I'm actually feeling excited for Valentine's Day this year! Honestly, I don't give much importance to Valentine's Day usually, it's probably one of my least favourite holidays but this year I'm definitely making the most of it. I think it's down to being in lockdown 3.0 with not much to look forward to (getting through January was such a struggle) so I'm using upcoming Galentine's and Valentine's as an excuse to treat myself and show some love.

6 January 2021

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Sharing a recap of the books I read in 2020! I really enjoyed settling down with a book as I found reading a form of escapism to shut off the outside world. I managed to do quite a lot of reading, completing my reading challenge of finishing 24 books pretty early on in the year. I came across some books I loved and others that were a bit disappointing but I really enjoyed my time spent with my head buried in a book and I hope to do more reading this year too.

26 December 2020

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Every year I find myself browsing the sales of a few of my favourite retailers online as the Christmas celebrations draw to a close - with a hot chocolate and a mince pie to hand of course. This year, despite the circumstances, I've managed to do the exact same and I've found the Boxing Day sales this year are very good! I think it's down to a mix of a rubbish year, people not shopping as much as usual and physical shops being closed (depending on where you live) which has led to some pretty good seasonal sales. At least that's been something to look forward to! So whilst browsing online, I couldn't resist sharing some of my top picks of the current sales.

27 November 2020

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Black Friday 2020 is finally here! Has there ever been a year when we needed this more than we do this year?! With shops forced to close their doors in England, the only way you'll be able to shop the Black Friday sales this year is online and let's face it, online shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming with so much choice available. I've created this roundup post with my top picks across fashion (high street to high end), home and beauty too.

22 November 2020

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With less than a week to go until Black Friday 2020, we're already seeing so many discount codes floating about and expect news this week to be epic! With shops closed and many restrictions put in place this year, online shopping is the best (and only) way to grab a bargain in the Black Friday sales. Many retailers have started their discounts early and I'm sure we'll be seeing many more deals pop up throughout the week in the lead up to Friday, 23rd November. Check out the full list of discount codes and daily Black Friday updates!

5 October 2020

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Autumn is here and I could not be more excited about it! This season is my favourite for so many reasons and one of those being the clothing. Knitwear, denim, ankle boots and knee high boots... just a few of my favourite things. I've been updating my wardrobe for Autumn and so I wanted to share what I've found with you too!

23 September 2020

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Hello Autumn! & hello to you too, it's been a while since my last blog post. With autumn officially here and with it being my favourite season, I'm so excited to share some of my autumn favourites and to showcase how my personal style changes for this season. In this post, I'm introducing you to Nordgreen - a sustainable and ethical Danish brand with a timeless design - which I've incorporated into my daily style as I've been slowly transitioning my outfits into autumn.