28 May 2020

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Things have definitely brightened up this month, in more ways than one, which is such good news (and we definitely needed some good news!) Despite still spending the majority of my days at home this month, it's good to begin feeling a sense of normality return as we're able to spend more time outdoors and hopefully we'll soon be able to slowly start meeting our family and friends again. This month, I've taken some time away from the online world and also tried to be more grateful.

13 May 2020

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Despite being quite a small and trivial thing, getting dressed in the mornings has really helped me over the past few weeks. I feel so much more motivated whenever I get ready for the day and I notice a huge difference in my mood on days when I take the time to get dressed and ready for the day (despite really not being up to much!) Some days I'm more dressed up than others but just getting up in the morning and switching from wearing my pyjamas into something more put together helps my mood massively. As we're now 8 weeks into lockdown, I thought I'd share what have been some of my favourite outfits to wear at home.

6 May 2020

5 time saving decluttering tipsAffiliate links are marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

I've been in full on organisational mode over the past few weeks and I've been gradually decluttering different areas around the house. In normal times I would probably be spring cleaning now but given that we have been spending much more time at home recently, I've gone one step further and have taken on many decluttering tasks! Often clear outs can feel like the impossible task so here are five time saving decluttering tips to hopefully help you get started.