27 February 2018

peexo blog fashion street style london
Before even saying anything I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about... the latest app on the block: Vero. I have no idea where the rise of Vero came from, all I know is that it was basically everywhere this weekend and continues to fill up my twitter feed. The majority of bloggers I know and follow have been joining the platform (myself included) and encouraging others to do the same, dubbing it the new Instagram. So naturally, after the influx of Vero cards flying around social media during the weekend I couldn't help but feel compelled to write down my thoughts and hopefully open up a discussion about whether we, as bloggers and as people, really need another form of social media to update on a near-daily basis.

20 February 2018

green check suit zara peexo fashion blogger
 If you're a long-time reader then I'm sure you'll know that I'm all for experimenting with my style, trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. Having recently fallen for trousers (and subsequently added a few new pairs into my wardrobe) followed by a new-found love for baker boy hats (after finally finding some that fit) has left me itching to try more new things. Having been recently approached by Style Doctors for a personal styling session of course I jumped at the opportunity and said YES! It can be so refreshing to see other people's ideas and styling some outfits on your behalf.

15 February 2018

This time last year I began planning a hen do for one of my childhood friends. Having never been to a hen do before, let alone planned one, I was quite nervous about it and had no idea what needed to be done! With a limited budget, a scarily tight time-frame and lots of people I had never met before - in February it was time to kick start the planning for the July hen-do (yes, it really is best to start early!) Today I'm sharing what I learnt and some tips for a London hen do as well as sharing what we got up to of course!

8 February 2018

trench coat spring transitional style peexo fashion blog
I'm a winter baby (born in December) so I never really mind winter, I actually enjoy the excuse to bundle up and spend cosy nights indoors - I feel like it's far more acceptable to throughout the winter than the summer. I would always choose to be too cold than too warm, there's nothing I hate more than being too hot! Not one to wish winter away ever but today I'm really feeling done with the season. Typing away from my sick bed, I genuinely can't wait for warmer weather and spring to arrive!

5 February 2018

peexo fashion blog london personal style
The blogging world has changed so much since it first began, so much since I first started blogging around 4 years ago and I don't doubt that blogs will continue to change in years to come. As exciting as it is to be a part of this industry, it's also scary to not know what the future holds - it could be incredible but for me, the fear of the unknown kicks in. Most people, myself included, start up blogging as a hobby alongside something else, I don't think any of us who began blogging years ago thought it could ever end up being our job.