27 March 2018

peexo primark spring style fashion blog
I'm always keen on trying new trends - whether they be right up my street or a little out of my comfort zone - I'll always give a new style a go. This is one of the reasons why I love blogging so much, it really opens up these opportunities and I try much more than I would have dared try in the past. You've probably noticed that my recent obsession has been suits: skirt suits, shorts suits, striped suits, pastel suits.. you name it, I've probably worn it!

24 March 2018

peexo blog spring high street clothing wishlist
I've already bought a considerable amount of spring clothing but the season is currently nowhere to be seen and the Beast from the East 3.0 is due back for Easter so sensible me has decided that since I can't wear any of my spring picks, I've curated a list of some of my absolute favourite things on the high street right now. I'm sure I'll come back to this and end up spending all my money in the blink of an eye! For now, I say dress for the weather you want not the weather you have (I will not take responsibility for any illnesses that come as a result of this). I haven't done a wishlist in such a long time but I've been browsing online a lot and have accumulated a long list of things I really want, so here goes...

20 March 2018

personal style blog peexo london
 Today's blog post is probably pretty boring as far as blog posts go but I just wanted to go back to basics and share what has been my go-to outfit over the past couple of weeks. I'm definitely in a bit of style rut despite knowing exactly what I want to wear (I mean, have you seen the extent of my spring wardrobe already?! FYI if you haven't, it's pretty much plastered all over my Instagram (@peexo) at the moment!) Sadly it's still too cold for all my spring picks so I've been reaching for a variation of this outfit on a near daily basis.

17 March 2018

I wrote this post the last time we were faced with snow in the UK, which crazily was only a couple of weeks ago, but then it stopped snowing and I didn't see the point in sharing this blog post anymore. Instead, I thought I'd save it in the archives until next year... Oh! Hello snow?!  Who'd have thought we'd see snow in again March? I'm sure you've heard this before but I mean, it wouldn't be very British of us if we didn't spend the majority of our time complaining about the weather! A short post for this snowy Saturday, in March.. who'd have thought?!

8 March 2018

london blog peexo living in a city
I've been wanting to write, what feels like an ode to London, for such a long time! I was looking through some of my archived photos and came across these which were taken back in October last year, the backdrop felt perfect for this blog post. I was born in London and have lived here for my whole life (bar my university years where I spent 3 away from home in Canterbury, and 1 in France during my year abroad) so London holds a special place in my heart and I am definitely a city girl through and through.

5 March 2018

shearling trucker jacket missguided peexo blog
Hello March and hello (again) winter wardrobe! I'm kicking myself over the fact I didn't buy any jumpers at the start of the year, thinking I was being really good and refraining from buying knitwear because we wouldn't be needing it much longer. Boy, was I wrong. To add to my frustration it's now too late to buy knitwear as the majority of stores have introduced their spring/summer pieces. Meanwhile, the sun - and any sign of spring - is nowhere to be seen. Although the snow has cleared so we're getting there...

2 March 2018

peexo bloggers use of affiliate links
Whilst working away on my laptop a notification popped up for a comment that was left on one of my recent YouTube videos, I couldn't see the whole thing, just the first few characters "Patricia gets com" this instantly set off alarm bells so I checked to see what it was. I felt compelled to reply straight away and there's been so much running through my mind since then so I thought writing a blog post would be the best way to get my thoughts across. The full comment read: "Patricia gets commission on almost all the products (including camera equipment) she mentions in the video ..." 
My first thought: so what?

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