29 June 2017

peexo blogger dealing with writer's block
To be completely honest, as I began writing this post (at exactly 23:42 on Wednesday night) I started off with the title going places and a stupid intro about how I was super happy about going on two holidays this summer instead of one - wow, who am I? I read over it and I thought to myself, why do I sound so superficial? Don't I have anything better to write?

28 June 2017

peexo fashion blogger reformation vibes
Reformation is one of those brands that I think it's safe to say most people are obsessed with at the moment, their wrap dresses are gorgeous and just the general vibe of the brand encapsulates summer. Whilst I have yet to invest in the brand myself, I have definitely been loving seeing pieces on the high street (and subsequently, snapping up said pieces) that are inspired by the brand.

27 June 2017

peexo wedding guest outfit
I found the dress of dreams and simply couldn't wait to share it with you, so here's a take on another wedding guest outfit albeit pricey, it's a new favourite!

26 June 2017

peexo being busy london blogger
When people talk about how busy they are I always think it's a good thing and sometimes even start to feel envious of the fact others are busy when I feel I'm not. Having said that, is being busy a good thing?

22 June 2017

wizard of oz red shoes boden peexo fashion blogger
Gingham and red are a combo I've been wearing for a few months and now that I've got the best looking Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz shoes I feel like I'm ready to take on anything (even this heatwave!)

21 June 2017

peexo summer wedding outfit ideas
This year I've felt more excited about the wedding season than ever before as in August, I'll be maid of honour for the first time! So I've become very much committed to all things wedding, having gone to my fair share of wedding shows, been to plenty of dress fittings (both for the bride and myself) and just generally following all things wedding related.

20 June 2017

peexo summer wardrobe staple piece bardot top
I've been thinking about my summer wardrobe for the past few weeks and so, it felt only right to put my summer wardrobe to the test during this intense week of sunshine we've had.

19 June 2017

peexo summer essential accessory smart buy sunglasses
After an incredible weekend filled with sunshine, I have started to delve into my summer wardrobe earlier than planned. Whilst picking and choosing something summery to wear I began to think about my accessories and what I find is essential come summer.

15 June 2017

dressing up denim shorts for the city peexo
Wearing denim shorts in the city can be a challenge; it's often difficult to get the right balance between smart and casual. So here are a few things I consider when trying to dress up denim shorts so that they're ready-to-wear in the city.

14 June 2017

peexo something different
I always say this but my blog really allows me to experiment with my style without feeling silly for doing so. I welcome every opportunity to experiment style-wise but rarely experiment in other sectors of my life and blog. Today I wanted to share something different.

13 June 2017

spring knitwear peexo london blogger
In true British style, we're at that awkward phase where some days its sunny and then, without warning, it rains! With that said, layering remains key and I've found my favourite way of carrying forward some wardrobe favourites by juxtaposing autumn/winter/spring/summer pieces.

12 June 2017

wicker bag guide peexo spring summer style
The wicker bag has caught every fashion-loving girls' eye and I haven't been left behind! However, I think it's imperative to buy something that suits you and your lifestyle, and not just buy because you want it.

8 June 2017

peexo spring style fashion
With university exams done and dusted I'm finally able to spend more time on my blog, creating and sharing content that I love. There's something about having a schedule written out for all to see that puts my mind at ease so here's what you can (hopefully) expect from me in the future. Please let me know what you think!

7 June 2017

l'intervalle floral pink shoes peexo fashion blogger
I'm desperately trying to move away from ankle boots and trainers - my go-to's when it comes to footwear - so I've been picking up a few new shoes for the summer months to up my style game and hopefully put a halt to the boot loving gal in me (at least for the summer).

6 June 2017

peexo fashion blogger summer neutrals
I've always differentiated summer in London and summer abroad and as a result, my outfits have always been very different throughout summer in the city when compared to my holiday style because in my opinion, the city means work and a working wardrobe to match.

5 June 2017

how to make a monochrome outfit stand out peexo
Come Spring/Summer it's usually all about implementing colour, and lots of it. But what if you're not really that into colour? I've found it can be fairly easy to make a monochromatic outfit stand out in a few simple ways.