30 March 2017

For years I've been working on both my blog and my university degree side by side, it's been challenging but it's something I'm so proud of.

28 March 2017

peexo fashion blog styling yellow spring london
Spring has been all about stepping out of my comfort zone by adding colour and prints into my wardrobe and so far, I'm loving it!

26 March 2017

inflatable flamingo
I had a huge backlog of photos from the Maldives and I feel like they would have completely gone to waste if I didn't get the chance to show you. So I have a few final favourites of mine to share.

23 March 2017

peexo london street style blogger trench coat transitional spring
The trench coat: an essential in everybody's spring wardrobe. Sadly, the start of spring has welcomed spring showers but I guess that's somewhat expected, particularly in the UK. It's meant I've been going back and forth between my winter and spring picks with no inbetween.

21 March 2017

spring style peexo blogger transitional wardrobe
I've been eyeing up what's new and trending on the high street in a bid to decide on what I need to add to my wardrobe for the upcoming season; the mini skirt is one of those items.

19 March 2017

peexo fashion blogger joe's jeans
As it isn't quite warm enough to ditch the denim completely I've been trying to wear different styles of denim; I've been choosing a light wash over black and other darker colours and not only that, I've been opting for different cuts and styles too.

16 March 2017

peexo spring party picks wallis
When spring comes around (I know I keep going on about spring but I'm excited for the new season, especially now that we've had a glorious week of sunshine!) I tend to gravitate towards dresses and more often than not it's the formal options as opposed to casual day dresses that catch my eye.

14 March 2017

how to style bell sleeves peexo fashion blogger
I've been wearing the same things constantly over the past few weeks, I don't know what it is but I just can't help myself. I've found myself in a real style rut and I'm not sure how long it will last nor when I'll snap out of it so in the meantime, there'll be a lot of same-y outfits.

12 March 2017

milan travel diary
If you read my roundup post from Italy then you'll know exactly what I got up to throughout the weekend (if you haven't then head on over to this post for a read), I don't want to bore you with the same details again but I do want to share the remaining photos I have.

9 March 2017

peexo fashion blogger jewellery thomas sabo
I never really got on board with mixing metals, especially silver and gold, but I must admit that having to constantly remove and change jewellery became a bit of a bore. I guess you could say I ended up conforming and allowing myself to be led on by trends but for once, I didn't regret it.

7 March 2017

travel blogger italy milan style peexo
With only a carry on case I knew I had limit my picks but I was also aware of the fact that I wanted to create a lot of content around this break so I needed options. Today I'm sharing my travel wardrobe, that is, what I packed with me for the weekend away.

5 March 2017

peexo travel blogger italy from my iPhone
Stephanie and I tried to fit in as much as we could, I only spent two full days in Italy and the other two were split between travelling to and from as well as taking in a few sights when we could here and there.

2 March 2017

lodnon style fashion blogger peexo
I always wonder whether or not it's worth posting outfits where none of the items are available to buy anymore, sometimes I feel like it ends up defeating the purpose of blogging - when an item is no longer available, old or sold out it makes it near enough impossible to add to your wardrobe.