26 December 2020

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Every year I find myself browsing the sales of a few of my favourite retailers online as the Christmas celebrations draw to a close - with a hot chocolate and a mince pie to hand of course. This year, despite the circumstances, I've managed to do the exact same and I've found the Boxing Day sales this year are very good! I think it's down to a mix of a rubbish year, people not shopping as much as usual and physical shops being closed (depending on where you live) which has led to some pretty good seasonal sales. At least that's been something to look forward to! So whilst browsing online, I couldn't resist sharing some of my top picks of the current sales.

27 November 2020

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Black Friday 2020 is finally here! Has there ever been a year when we needed this more than we do this year?! With shops forced to close their doors in England, the only way you'll be able to shop the Black Friday sales this year is online and let's face it, online shopping can sometimes feel overwhelming with so much choice available. I've created this roundup post with my top picks across fashion (high street to high end), home and beauty too.

22 November 2020

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With less than a week to go until Black Friday 2020, we're already seeing so many discount codes floating about and expect news this week to be epic! With shops closed and many restrictions put in place this year, online shopping is the best (and only) way to grab a bargain in the Black Friday sales. Many retailers have started their discounts early and I'm sure we'll be seeing many more deals pop up throughout the week in the lead up to Friday, 23rd November. Check out the full list of discount codes and daily Black Friday updates!

5 October 2020

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Autumn is here and I could not be more excited about it! This season is my favourite for so many reasons and one of those being the clothing. Knitwear, denim, ankle boots and knee high boots... just a few of my favourite things. I've been updating my wardrobe for Autumn and so I wanted to share what I've found with you too!

23 September 2020

minimal design transitional autumn styleThis post contains a paid partnership with Nordgreen.

Hello Autumn! & hello to you too, it's been a while since my last blog post. With autumn officially here and with it being my favourite season, I'm so excited to share some of my autumn favourites and to showcase how my personal style changes for this season. In this post, I'm introducing you to Nordgreen - a sustainable and ethical Danish brand with a timeless design - which I've incorporated into my daily style as I've been slowly transitioning my outfits into autumn.

1 July 2020

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Where to even begin? June has been intense. Honestly, 2020 has been intense and to think that we're only 6 months in to the year and so much has happened already - it's a lot. But here we are, adapting to this new normal. So for today's blog post, I'm sharing my monthly favourites including fashion, beauty, books and TV. Next month I'm hoping to have a new blog design and a spruce up of my website so I'm really looking forward to sharing that with you soon! In the meantime, things will probably be a little quite over here but stay up to date with what I get up to on my Instagram @peexo.

7 June 2020

The bubble of social media can lead you to believe that what you see on your Instagram and Twitter feeds is reflected in the real world. Unfortunately, it's not. This movement should not be the trend of the week, it needs to be something we continue to promote in our daily lives. I apologise for not speaking up online sooner (I have been acting on this and speaking about it offline but I realise not using my platform is/was a loss). In light of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, I want to share some people, content, businesses and resources on my platform whilst admitting that this may not be the right thing to do or enough.

28 May 2020

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Things have definitely brightened up this month, in more ways than one, which is such good news (and we definitely needed some good news!) Despite still spending the majority of my days at home this month, it's good to begin feeling a sense of normality return as we're able to spend more time outdoors and hopefully we'll soon be able to slowly start meeting our family and friends again. This month, I've taken some time away from the online world and also tried to be more grateful.

13 May 2020

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Despite being quite a small and trivial thing, getting dressed in the mornings has really helped me over the past few weeks. I feel so much more motivated whenever I get ready for the day and I notice a huge difference in my mood on days when I take the time to get dressed and ready for the day (despite really not being up to much!) Some days I'm more dressed up than others but just getting up in the morning and switching from wearing my pyjamas into something more put together helps my mood massively. As we're now 8 weeks into lockdown, I thought I'd share what have been some of my favourite outfits to wear at home.

6 May 2020

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I've been in full on organisational mode over the past few weeks and I've been gradually decluttering different areas around the house. In normal times I would probably be spring cleaning now but given that we have been spending much more time at home recently, I've gone one step further and have taken on many decluttering tasks! Often clear outs can feel like the impossible task so here are five time saving decluttering tips to hopefully help you get started.

29 April 2020

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The first full month in lockdown. It's all very surreal when put like that. I've had my ups and downs, as the majority of us have had I'm sure, but today I'm looking back on the month that has passed in a more positive light. I'm incredibly pessimistic and really struggle to be positive in times of turmoil but whilst times are tough and unlike anything we have ever experienced before, it's good to take some time to reflect on what has brought you joy over the past few weeks.

22 April 2020

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I thought I'd share some of my all-time favourites with you in today's blog post. It was quite hard to whittle each category down to only 5 but I'm pretty happy with my picks. I've picked my top 5 books, top 5 films, top 5 series, top 5 games and top 5 podcasts (that's a lot of top 5's) and shared them all! I'd love to know what your top 5's are?

15 April 2020

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Like many of us, I've taken the time to focus more of my energy on my skincare and beauty regime(s). With more makeup-free days than ever before, my skincare has become a top priority and something that I look forward to doing daily in both the mornings and at nighttime. I've also been focusing more on other aspects that I usually ignore or don't fuss over such as my hair and body care too. These are 6 of the latest things I've tried that I wanted to share with you.

8 April 2020

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Hands up if you're using this time to be more productive? I'm definitely trying to get stuff done but honestly, some days I just spend lounging around in pyjamas which I also think is completely fine! I wanted to put together this blog post for those of you who are after a bit of inspiration at this time. There are some big tasks to take on and some smaller ones you can tackle in under an hour so just choose whatever works for you!

1 April 2020

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What. A. Month. I think that March 2020 will be etched in our memories for life and unfortunately, it's mostly for the wrong reasons. Often I struggle to even get my head around what is going on all over the world right now, it's just such a crazy thing to be living through. This month I've tried to really focus on my blog as a distraction from what's going on out there. For those of you who are also doing your bit for the world by staying home, I hope that my content (on my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel) can help to offer a distraction amidst the chaos.

25 March 2020

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Many of us will probably be spending much more time at home over the next few days, weeks and possibly even months so we're most likely going to be living in pyjamas, loungewear and oversized jumpers for the foreseeable future. At least I am! So for those of you who may want to update your loungewear, I've put together an edit of some of my favourite comfy clothing to buy now. Think: cashmere, fluffy slippers, joggers and even a dressing gown or two for good measure.

18 March 2020

small-steps-to-be-healthierAffiliate links are marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

Going in to 2020, one of my resolutions was to try and be healthier which is often easier said than done. I don't go to the gym frequently (if at all to be honest) and am more likely to eat junk food than a balanced diet so I think for me, it's about small steps to becoming healthier rather than a massive lifestyle overhaul. These are a few things I'm doing for a healthier me.

11 March 2020

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Recently I've picked up quite a few books from charity shops giving them a new lease of life. Despite being fairly new to reading, having only really started to delve into the world of books in the summer of 2018, I've definitely been growing my book collection and buying second-hand books at charity shops has become my new go-to.

5 March 2020

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Jeans. Jeans. Jeans. I spend a lot of time wearing denim because in my opinion, you can't beat a good pair of jeans! I've recently become more aware of the environmental impact creating jeans has so I think it's really important to pick out the perfect pair that you will happily wear for years. These are my top four jeans from the high street, all of which have stood the test of time and I have had in my wardrobe for years (some go as far back as 2014!)

29 February 2020

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As February draws to a close, it's time for another monthly recap. I was really happy with how last month's post turned out. (Read my blog post: January 2020) and I'm excited about the prospect of putting these blog posts together over the next year. So, a lot has happened in February including Valentine's Day, Pancake Day and even a whole extra day plopped onto the end of the month! Here's a look at what I've been up to this month and the things I've loved.

7 February 2020

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A little late this month but better late than never! I'm very excited about creating these monthly roundups as I've changed things up quite a bit from last year. Basically, these are going to be jam-packed with highlights of the month, my favourites, lots of photos and more! I have definitely neglected my blog as of late (mostly because I'm just not sure of what to create and share on here anymore) and so I just want my little space on the internet to be a positive one and I'm hoping these posts will do that.

1 January 2020

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I wanted to share my final monthly roundup of 2019 and - call me cliché - I also wanted to bid a final farewell to the year that's been. I'm pleased that I have these monthly roundups to look back on, particularly because I didn't blog a lot this year and these blog posts every month act like a diary entry of some best bits which can be so easy to forget when things aren't going so great. December already feels like a lifetime away, with Christmas and ringing in the New Year taking centre stage, but these are some of my standout moments from December.

New In My Wardrobe