29 December 2017

peexo personal style blog fashion new year resolutions
I wasn't sure about what to share as my last blog post of 2017, as this chapter draws to a close I wanted to both look back and reminisce but also look forward to what the upcoming new year will bring. No, this isn't going to be a blog post about my goals and what I'm setting out to achieve in the next year - it's more about taking on a new outlook in 2018.

27 December 2017

peexo black and navy outfit
  There's has been a full 360 in the blogosphere this past year and as the year draws to a close I feel like I'm still finding my feet. I've made many changes since I first started blogging but I don't think that will stop, it's inevitable to continuously seek change in my opinion and I don't think there will ever be one right way to do something especially when it's something so personal like your own space on the internet.

26 December 2017

peexo boxing day sales picks 2017
My Boxing Day sales picks!

22 December 2017

christmas blogger peexo style lifestyle
With only a few more days to go 'till Christmas is upon us I'm in full Christmas mode right now. I've spent the week finishing off my gift shopping, making sure I tick everyone off of the list, wrapping presents (which I love!) and playing Christmas tunes. There are so many things that make this time of the year so special to me and so I thought I'd share 5 of those with you today, before Christmas!

20 December 2017

peexo christmas 2017 secret santa stocking fillers
I don't usually get a stocking but this year I've become obsessed with them! With so many amazing gift sets which are both small and affordable - perfect for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts - it couldn't be easier to fill up a personalised stocking to gift this year. I've compiled some gift ideas that I think would work really well for a Secret Santa gift or to pop in someone's stocking, and equally pieces I would be more than happy to have in my stocking this year!

19 December 2017

peexo personal style
Hello new jumper of dreams I simply can't get enough of. It's all about new knitwear for me at the moment, I've been loving filling my wardrobe with various different knits to keep me going throughout the cold spell. As much as I love wearing the fail-safe combo of a jumper and jeans, I must admit it's starting to get a little boring! This has led to me buying countless jumpers (which I definitely don't need but I'm also not complaining too much...)

18 December 2017

gift guides christmas beauty crackers peexo
I love Christmas crackers, I opened my first of 2017 this weekend and got a mini tripod which I thought was pretty epic actually! It's amazing what you can get in Christmas crackers nowadays which leads us to beauty crackers... This is the first year I've had this many beauty crackers and I'm so excited to lay them on the table come Christmas Day (or I might cheat and have them out a day early for Christmas Eve) I absolutely love the concept, they're great for the table and even better under the Christmas tree!

13 December 2017

a recipe for a night in with the girls peexo
I have reached the conclusion that I have very much entered grandma territory. I choose staying in over going out on most days and in the lead up to Christmas I'm pretty sure that won't be changing! So as I start planning my Christmas get togethers with close friends and family, I've started to think about how to induce some festive cheer from the comfort of my own home.

8 December 2017

One of my favourite things about Christmas is wrapping gifts, I find it so soothing and I just love having creative control over how a gift will look. I put this partially down to social media and feeling like literally all aspects of my life need to be Instagram-ready (which at times can be both a bad and good thing). So on December 1st I wanted to really get into the Christmas spirit and to do so I decided to start wrapping presents and I thought I'd share a few with you! These are a few ideas of what to buy some of the ladies in your life and how to wrap...

6 December 2017

peexo colour winter wardrobe
The start of winter almost always leaves me feeling overwhelmed when it comes to my personal style. I mean, what can you wear other than jumpers and jackets on a daily basis?! This year in particular I've noticed my wardrobe has become incredibly monochromatic, there is the odd pop of colour every now and again but I'm nowhere near as adventurous as I have been in previous years with my shoes and accessories and style in general. As we're only just approaching winter, I'm going to actively try to change this.

5 December 2017

christmas beauty gifts
A lot of us are thinking about what to buy for our friends and family for Christmas this year and I have a few more gift ideas to share with you between now and Christmas (which is now only less than 3 weeks away!)

4 December 2017

peexo winter style blogger fashion london
Recently I've been dipping in and out of the vinyl trend, one minute I'm all for it and the next I'm not so sure about it and whether it's actually for me. With that said, that doesn't stop me from trying and experimenting with the trend in more ways. It's so easy to see a trend and think "that's not for me" or "I could never pull that off" but I definitely think it's always worth giving something a go. Yes, you could hate it but you could also end up really loving it - so what is there to lose?!

1 December 2017

peexo fashion december personal style
I've been counting down the days 'till December for a good few months now, counting down the days 'till it's finally acceptable to blast Christmas songs, drink many hot drinks a day and completely immerse myself in the Christmas spirit! Although now that we've actually reached December I don't feel quite as festive anymore - retailers have pushed forward Christmas by months now so when we finally reach December, I'm all Christmassed out!

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