27 November 2018

london blogger peexo november recap
Do you know what? Finding something interesting to write about every time I want to share a new blog post is a challenge. I've admitted time and time again that creative writing really isn't my strong point and sometimes I just want to share a set of photos I love or an outfit I enjoyed wearing without having to come up with a story to share alongside it. I kind of just want to write about random things - how my week has been, new things I've tried and things I've done. So, I think that's what I'm going to start doing more of. Let's say these will be like mini diary entries, I don't know how frequently these will appear but what I do know is that they're starting today!

23 November 2018

black friday cyber weekend deals 2018
 Black Friday has come around sooner than ever this year, I can't quite believe we've been swimming in discounts for the past week! This year, so many brands have kick started their Black Friday and Cyber Weekend deals early and they're still going strong. Now that all of the best discount codes are available and activated, I'm sharing loads of them in this post. You'll find an A-Z of brands and their Black Friday/Cyber Weekend discounts (scroll down to see all of these), alongside some of my top picks from high street to high end. Honestly, there are so many deals and discount codes jam packed into this blog post - you'll have a field day online shopping!

19 November 2018

peexo giftng guide
Christmas is fast approaching and I am completely engrossed in all things festive already! One of my favourite things of the season is gift giving, I find the whole process behind giving a present so exciting; the picking and choosing a gift for a loved one, scouring websites and stores in search of the perfect gift, all the way to putting the final finishing touches on a beautifully wrapped present (I'm one of those people who absolutely loves wrapping presents!) With not too long to go until December 25th, now is a great time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for this year. So whether you're an eager Christmas shopper or someone who tends to leave things to the very last minute, hopefully these tips will help you pick out the perfect gift(s) to give this Christmas.

12 November 2018

small weekly goals peexo autumn style
 I've been setting myself some small goals in an attempt to motivate myself to do more. Recently I've found myself stuck in such a rut with both a lack of routine and a lack of motivation. I find I'm often aimlessly scrolling on my phone or staring at my laptop waiting for something fun to happen and I realised that actually, I need to make the fun happen (ok, fun probably isn't the best word to use in this case but bare with me...) After a busy weekend, I set myself some goals for the week ahead and surprisingly, actually tried to stick to them! So I thought I'd share what they were seeing as I often struggle to find motivation and setting myself these small goals helped.

6 November 2018

best satin skirts on the high street peexo blog
Satin skirts are everywhere right now, from high end to high street and I'm here for it! Paired with a chunky jumper for day time wear or with a slinky top to match for an evening out - the possibilities really are endless with a satin midi skirt. I've put together an edit sharing some of the satin skirts I've found whilst scouring the internet. You know me and my love for a bargain so all of these are available right now on the high street, I've done all the searching so you don't have to!