25 September 2018

film camera portugal holiday summer peexo
I'm so excited to share this blog post! It took me longer than planned to get my film developed (it's practically been a month since I've been back from my holiday in Portugal) but I actually think that somehow helped to add an extra element of surprise when I finally went to pick up the photos. I bought a couple of disposable cameras before my holiday as I thought it would be quite fun to experiment with film, with only 27 shots per camera I was a bit frugal when it came to using them up but I love how the images came out. I didn't really know what to expect but I'm pleasantly surprised with the images and couldn't wait to share some of my favourites with you!

19 September 2018

peexo autumn office wear
For years September has symbolised a new start for me - a bit like a new year - I think it's down to spending approximately 20 years in education, these things tend to stick with you! Following a long summer of typically doing less work and more play, when September comes around it kicks my butt back into gear. I wanted to put together a little workwear edit for you because it can be so difficult to know what to wear post summer (especially throughout September when the weather is ever-changing). So here's what I would wear back to work.

11 September 2018

peexo personal style blog autumn transitional style
One of the hardest things I find coming to terms with post-holiday is getting back into a routine. It's no secret that for a while my routine has been a bit all over the place/non-existent (oops!) I struggle quite a bit over the summer when it comes to content creation, it isn't my favourite season - I know a lot of you will disagree but I've never been a massive fan of the summer months. I don't know what it is but there's just something about the summer that pretty much brings my content to a halt and I just end up feeling crap as a result. With that said, September marks the start of a new season and a new lease of life so I'm doing my best to make a change!

7 September 2018

peexo new season leopard print
I am soooooo excited that leopard print is a BIG trend this autumn! It often makes its way into autumn and winter styling, albeit subtly, almost every year but nothing like we're seeing this season and OMG I'm absolutely here for it. The animal print has always been a guilty pleasure of mine but my goodness, I'm excited that this season I won't need to feel guilty for loving it as much as I do. In my opinion, leopard print is such a classic and when done right, it can be a timeless wardrobe addition. I bought my first pair of leopard print boots back in 2016 and they quickly became a staple for me (so much so that I kept them up until they were completely wrecked, and only finally bid goodbye to them when I had found a suitable replacement for them obviously). But, leopard print can be done wrong... so here's my two cents on new season leopard print and how to do it right.

4 September 2018

peexo fashion blog instagram tips
Last month was spent mostly in Portugal on holiday with my family and with that, came an unintentional absence from social media, notably Instagram. I put the emphasis on Instagram because I have definitely succumbed to the pull of Instagram and allowed my other platforms to take a back seat (which is something I'm not proud of and am dying to change but it's much harder than I anticipated!) Don't get me wrong, I was still scrolling through my Instagram feed daily BUT the difference to my usual antics was that I had nothing new to post so I didn't. Taking a break isn't a bad thing but I noticed a few things which I thought I'd share with you!