25 September 2017

autumn light colour palette peexo fashion blogger
Autumn is by far my favourite season, I love all things knitwear, ankle boots (they're my guilty pleasure!), lightweight coats and long dresses almost always in the traditional autumnal hues. Admittedly, my wardrobe goes over to the dark side as autumn begins - there just seems to be more available but sticking to a lighter colour palette throughout autumn can definitely be done.

21 September 2017

seasonal style rut peexo fashion blogger
"I don't know what to wear!" 

The words that come out of my mouth every morning as I stare into my wardrobe that is filled to the brim, yet I have absolutely nothing to wear. I pick out the same few pieces over and over and can't seem to do anything else. The transitional period between summer and autumn is the one I struggle the most with.

12 September 2017

transitional style peexo fashion blogger
I find this always happens; you initially spot someone wearing a piece you're not too sure about but then you see it rapidly take over in the blogosphere and then stocked in your favourite high street stores and then it somehow ends up making it into your wardrobe (no idea how that happened!) This is how trend led pieces make their way into my wardrobe, not sure about you?

New In My Wardrobe