29 December 2016

peexo nye casual velvet suit
Velvet suits have been so popular recently! I don't know if it's just one of those thing that us bloggers are currently obsessed with or whether it's one of those seriously on trend pieces that everyone will be wearing over the next couple of months; either way, I'm into it. 

26 December 2016

uk boxing day sales top fashion picks
One of the best things about this season is the post-Christmas shopping I have to admit! In between eating and drinking, chatting and sleeping, I've gone ahead and scoured the internet for the very best of the boxing day sales; these are my top sale picks this season... as always, happy shopping!

22 December 2016

peexo portugal winter christmas travel blogger
It may come as a surprise seeing me all wrapped up in Portugal but it's really cold! I find it funny when people are shocked about the weather here, most people expect it to be hot all year round but where my parents are from - the North of Portugal - it gets pretty cold during winter.

20 December 2016

peexo glamorous silver embroidered jacket

18 December 2016

peexo uk street style blogger london

15 December 2016

styling leopard print

13 December 2016

christmas nye festive style peexo

11 December 2016

silver bag river island peexo street style blogger

8 December 2016

peexo christmas party outfit idea

6 December 2016

peexo styling statement boots public desire

4 December 2016

peexo street style blogger london

1 December 2016

clashing prints autumn puffer jacket leopard print