29 November 2017

When it comes to Christmas you're either one of those really organised people who has most of their Christmas shopping completed by November or you're scrambling around on Christmas Eve trying to find last minute gifts, I would say I'm closer to the latter. Whichever category you fall in, I hope that my gift guides this year will come in handy for anybody you may be struggling with gift ideas for and possibly even provide a few ideas to pop on your wishlist too!

28 November 2017

peexo paris travel makeup
Day-to-night makeup is tricky, it usually means I haven't had the chance to remove my makeup from the day and re-do it for the evening. When topping up my makeup I try to keep things quite simple and not be too heavy handed which I think can be very easily done when you don't have to do your full makeup routine and minor touchups can become hefty changes. I try to keep my overall look simple and here's how.

27 November 2017

travel blogger peexo style paris
 Last week I spent 24 hours in Paris with Maison Lejaby, it's been a while since I last went to Paris, I spent a year living in the outskirts of the city as part of my university degree so I had become accustomed to travelling back and forth between France and home. Getting there felt so normal, like I was back into that mundane routine of getting the train to and from Paris on a near-weekly basis. However, this time I wasn't alone - I was surrounded by a lovely group of bloggers and their friends, my good friend and photographer Maria, PR's and thrilled to be back as part of work.

24 November 2017

black friday shopping
There are so many amazing Black Friday discounts about at the moment which have left me feeling so overwhelmed. The desire to spend is definitely there but I've been inundated with new daily deals on Instagram, Twitter, email and even some texts too! To avoid making any hasty decisions and purchasing more of what I probably don't need, I've sourced some of my current favourite discounts and thought I'd share these with you as quite a few people agreed with me when I said that this year the Black Friday deals were overwhelming.

15 November 2017

festive fashion peexo personal style blogger
 Last week I attended a beautiful event with Monsoon to get me in the Christmas gifting spirit. This week is pretty much all about gifts for me as I'm working on my gift guide videos and planning other Christmas content surrounding the season of giving so it couldn't have been a more perfect time! Wearing a full Monsoon outfit for the occasion, I spent the evening giving calligraphy a go and picking some gifts with my mum in mind.

14 November 2017

peexo over the knee boots autumn style
Ahh, say hello to the over the knee boots of dreams! I've definitely spoken about them before but this is the first time I've photographed them which gives me enough of an excuse to talk about them all over again right? This year it has definitely taken me longer than usual to get in to wearing over the knee boots and whilst it may seem like it's far too cold to wear these out now, these boots hide a multitude of secrets!

13 November 2017

peexo fashion blogger personal style
My daily looks aren't too dissimilar from one another and I end up outfit repeating more often than I realise. I shot this outfit a few weeks a go and couldn't help but feel a sense of deja-vu whilst editing the photos and that's because I have already shared something pretty similar on here last month (in this blog post). Almost tempted to not share this - as I don't know how interested you are in seeing the same jumper and jeans combo again - I took one look at my accessories and knew that despite its similarities to a previous look I needed to share!

8 November 2017

styling leopard print peexo fashion blogger london
I'm sure by now you're well aware of how much I absolutely love leopard print, it's my guilty obsession! With that said, the print can be very hit-or-miss in my opinion and often the print and colours aren't quite right leading to it looking tacky as opposed to classy. So when it comes to leopard print, these are my top tips when picking a print and how to incorporate it into your everyday looks.

7 November 2017

london fashion blogger peexo
More often than not I would say I don't really have a distinct personal style however, I do have my style comfort zone. If you've just scrolled through my blog a few times then I'm sure you will probably know what my wardrobe staples are: ankle boots, high waisted jeans and a top or jumper tucked in. I've always said that I experiment much more with my style thanks to my blog but those three pieces are my fail-safe and ultimately, my style comfort zone (a term I have 100% just made up but I hope it makes sense).

6 November 2017

london style blogger peexo
As much as I love over the knee boots I don't wear them that often, I find they can be quite hard to style, sometimes looking pretty extra for a day in the city. I have tried to incorporate them into my daily looks much more though which has led me to experiment with how I wear my over the knee boots. The most common way being with something short like a mini dress or skirt and whilst I love that look I don't think it's the most wearable day to day. I wanted to experiment a little more with different lengths and seeing how these boots looked.

3 November 2017

peexo november coat weather
I've been patiently waiting for November before reaching for my coats and it has finally happened! Last weekend was the first time I had left my house wearing a biker jacket and felt like I needed a coat to keep me warm which was both exciting (I'm all for coat weather) but also a bit sad as that means the end of warm weather for a long while.

1 November 2017

hello november peexo blogger
I am oh so excited about welcoming November! I'm a winter girl at heart and just absolutely love the winter months. Yes, it gets colder, too cold at times, and yes it now gets dark at around 4pm but nothing beats cosy evenings spent indoors wrapped up on the sofa watching TV (this makes me want to do this right now!) October pretty much felt like a Halloween month but now that's over the focus turns to the countdown to Christmas!