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How To Manage Exams & Blogging [Part 2]

Following on from my post last week about managing revision during exam season - today's post is all about the blogging side of things and what you can do to make the process a little easier and attempt to stay on top of things.


1. Take a step back
I actually did this a little while back, I have been blogging every weekday but I knew that as soon as exams began to approach I would need to step back a bit. I think we all need to remember just how much time and effort goes into a blog post behind the scenes and it's incredibly difficult to keep up with on a daily basis because once a post goes live there is still so much to do in terms of promoting it. Let your readers know through Twitter or a blog post and that way it won't come as a surprise - I think a lot of bloggers are in the same boat so we all understand.

2. Bulk picture-take
This is something I do anyway, I always take my photos in bulk which means super quick changes and 101 different outfits to photograph but it works - it's the easiest way for me to stay on top of things and see what I have - if I manage to shoot 3 outfits in one day then I know that I'll be scheduled for the week ahead and it just makes life that little bit easier particularly during exam season.

3. Plan your posts in advance
So you've got a bunch of photos now what do you do with them? Make sure you know what you'd like to post and when, maybe there's a relevant date coming up that you could create a post about or you have a certain theme running through your outfits, turn that into an edit on your blog; not long ago I had a 70's week because it's a huge trend this season that I really love and more recently I had a back to basics week too! It can help keep your blog running smoothly and help if you're stuck for new post ideas.

4. Schedule
This is a given. I think a lot of us already schedule our posts anyway (I do) but during exam season it's even more important to do so. Maybe you're stuck in an exam or you're busy revising and next thing you know it's too late to post - if you have a schedule then your posts will continue to go live so your readers will be able to see them. Promote your bloglovin' account on your social media channels so your readers don't miss out on any of your posts if you forget to mention it. There are also sites like Hootsuite and Buffer where you can schedule tweets and other bits and bobs.

I'd love to write a Fashion Blogging tips kind of post as that's what I do mostly on Peexo - would any of you be interested in reading my tips on that?

My first exam is today and it's my longest one and the one I'm least confident about! 3 hours long... here goes... wish me luck


  1. I wish you all luck! Being a blogger and a student is very hard!

    1. Thank you :) I can only imagine working full time and blogging will be just as hard! X