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The Outfit Combo I Can't Stop Wearing

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I've finally decided it's time to share with you my favourite outfit, the combo I'm constantly sharing on Instagram and gets the most love. In all honesty, I'm not sure if I've already shared this before but I'm constantly re-wearing this, or super similar, so I thought I'd go for a refresh and share the combo once more.

I'd like to say my style is about comfort over anything but really, it's not, although I wear this type of outfit constantly it doesn't stop my feet from hurting half way through the day and the dreaded realisation that I need to unbutton my jeans or they could just pop at the dinner table. Nonetheless, it's something I stick to religiously - I love the way it looks and I just feel good when I'm wearing this; confidence is key. There's nothing more simple than a Tshirt and jeans right? And that's all this is, a casual Tshirt and the best jeans - ASOS Farleigh jeans. No outfit of mine is complete without some ankle boots so I wore my new addition, green velvet boots which I spoke about in yesterday's post too! By the way, if you're a fan of this heartbreak Tshirt (it's one of my favourites, and such an amazing dupe of the Comme Des Garcons' Tshirts) it's currently in the New Look sale for under £10, grab it now before it's gone!

Tshirt - (c/o) New Look
[Photos taken by Andre]


  1. love the velvet boots babe xx

  2. LOVE those boots - such a lovely colour. Great outfit!

    1. They're incredible! The perfect statement boot X

  3. The boots are such a nice twist to the usual sort of boots you wear! I love how you've stuck with your style but slightly switched it up a bit! Love it!

    Isobel x

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    1. Thanks Isobel! You know just how much I love my ankle boots so these were a great addition X

  4. You look great! I secretly unbutton my jeans all the time xx

  5. Such a cute outfit, I wear this kind of thing all the time too x
    Maddy, xo