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Winter Time In Portugal

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It may come as a surprise seeing me all wrapped up in Portugal but it's really cold! I find it funny when people are shocked about the weather here, most people expect it to be hot all year round but where my parents are from - the North of Portugal - it gets pretty cold during winter.
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I'm in Portugal! If you're long time readers then you'll probably know that every summer I travel to Portugal for at least 3 weeks, and this winter my parents and I have come once again to spend Christmas with our family.

As Christmas is right around the corner we've been trying to cram in everything in the lead up to Christmas Eve (which is more of a big deal in Portugal than Christmas Day is). I had planned to make a wreath yesterday but that didn't quite go to plan, although I'm half way there now that I've got all the things I need. We went for a walk around the village and ended up picking some pine branches, pine cones (some of which we've been opening for pine nuts!) and other bits of greenery for wreath making. I'm hoping to get it done today, or before Christmas at least; I wasn't wearing the most appropriate outfit for yesterday's antics but that didn't stop me!


Leopard print coat - (c/o) New Look
Roll neck - (c/o) New Look
Mom jeans - ASOS
[Photos taken by my dad]


  1. Lovely blog post and your look is so cute. In my family as a tradition Christmas Eve is also a bigger deal than Christmas day. Hope you get everything done on time and enjoy your Christmas celebrations :) Spending time with family is the best! Xx

    1. Thank you Nikoletta! I've always grown up with Christmas Eve being a bigger deal than Christmas Day, maybe it's a European thing? Have a lovely Christmas too! X

  2. You look gorgeous and I absolutely love the pretty pictures! Hope you have a wonderful time in Portugal with your family :) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thank you Jessie-Ann, so pleased this post went down so well :) Have a lovely Christmas too! X

  3. you looking fabulous in your pretty style really You look very nice and I hope you to come enjoy Christmas with your Family will be very ENJOY.........happy enjoy