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Do We Really Need a New Social Media App?

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Before even saying anything I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about... the latest app on the block: Vero. I have no idea where the rise of Vero came from, all I know is that it was basically everywhere this weekend and continues to fill up my twitter feed. The majority of bloggers I know and follow have been joining the platform (myself included) and encouraging others to do the same, dubbing it the new Instagram. So naturally, after the influx of Vero cards flying around social media during the weekend I couldn't help but feel compelled to write down my thoughts and hopefully open up a discussion about whether we, as bloggers and as people, really need another form of social media to update on a near-daily basis.
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One of the most captivating attributes of this new app has been the idea that it is algorithm-free. Say hello to a chronological feed: déjà-vu. After seeing so many bloggers jumping on the bandwagon, I of course followed suit, not wanting to be the only one left behind. With that said, I haven't used it yet and I'm not sure whether I will. At the moment I'm just waiting to see what happens...

Will the influx continue to rise or will it come to a halt as quickly as it emerged?

I'm honestly surprised that so many people have got involved by downloading and signing up to the app. I can't tell you the number of emails I get on a weekly basis about a new app that promises to change social media forever but these rarely succeed so hats off to Vero for managing to get so many of us on board - let's say that's their first hurdle overcome.
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Ever since the algorithm updates on Instagram, a lot of us have become frustrated with the app, however, is the resolution replacing it with a new one? It's no secret that social media has taken over our lives, whether you're a blogger or not, it's likely that you update - or at least check - some form of social media on a daily basis. So is adding to that list of social media I must update, a good idea or have we clung on to this idea of a new platform because we're so sick of the current options?
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When it comes to Vero, so far I'm not the biggest fan - don't get me wrong I haven't given it a thorough go but on first impressions, I think it's quite dark (which I don't find as inviting) and I don't think it allows you to be very creative. Also, I'm not so keen on the concept of sharing everything in one place, which may sound strange as this probably seems like the dream, however on the surface, I think it looks like a dump for all creative content rather than something that is beautifully curated. A downfall for those with a creative eye.

I can see how it could be a great thing but I currently can't imagine it replacing Instagram, Instagram stories or Twitter (but hey, I could be completely wrong and eat my words in a few weeks, months or years time!)
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Obviously I'm open to it, I've signed up and got my own profile but I do hold my doubts as to whether it will really kick off and replace the most popular forms of social media. Interestingly, I've seen a few comments about how the rise of this new platform should scare Instagram bosses and get them to revert back to the old chronological order which I doubt will happen. I find it really intriguing that some people have joined Vero in the hope that it will bring change to Instagram - the platform we're presumably trying to get away from by downloading an apparently better replacement/competitor.

So why is it so many of us have jumped on the Vero bandwagon? Is it because we like the concept of the new app or is it because we want to see a change from Instagram (a platform the majority of us love despite its flaws)?
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I'd love to know whether you've succumbed to the hype and downloaded Vero yourself?
If you have and fancy following me on there then you should be able to find me by searching Patricia Peexo (odd, I know, but I didn't want to have my full name on display) - that's another thing I'm not so keen on about the platform, it requires your name as opposed to a username which I feel removes some privacy and thins the line between your personal life and online.


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  1. I've downloaded Vero but I think there's just so many apps now that they all essentially do the same things as each other and you end up seeing the same thing on about 5 different apps! I've heard loads of other people saying they're becoming bored of social media now, there needs to be one which is completely unique and with different features!
    Cloe X