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Spring Trends I Didn't Think I'd Love

spring trends I didn't think I would love
Trends. Loved by some, but loathed by many. I wouldn't consider myself, or my style, to be very trend led but I'm always open to trying new styles. Every season there's an influx of sometimes new, sometimes recurring trends which hit the high street and every season I try something new. The outcome isn't always positive but this season there have been quite a few trends I've tried and loved despite thinking that wouldn't be the case so I wanted to share those with you in case you need an extra push to try something new.
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Cat eye sunglasses

Starting with cat eye sunglasses. These have been slathered absolutely everywhere recently, since we got the first glimpse of sunshine. I tried many pairs before finding one that actually worked for me. I have a fairly small head so finding sunglasses is a hard task in itself but finding oversized, cat-eye sunglasses that didn't look absolutely ridiculous was set to be a challenge! I ordered this red pair from ASOS on a whim - expecting not to like them - but ended up liking them much to my surprise.

They're exaggerated, they're oversized, they're bright red and a matte finish but I love them! Since buying these we haven't been very lucky with the sunshine but I can't wait to wear them on holiday and look extra.


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peexo spring style blogpeexo spring style blog slogan tees

Slogan Tee's

Admittedly, I knew I would love this trend but not nearly as much as I do and I didn't think the high street would supply us with so many great options. I've been stocking up on so many slogan T's, some statement options and others more subtle. Honestly, I have so many it's pretty ridiculous but they require little to no explanation so here we have it, a slogan tee is undoubtedly a must-have.


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Long denim

I've spent the majority of this year in denim and whilst I love trying new styles and trends, jeans are something I rarely change because it's so hard to find the perfect fitting pair. Once you find a style and size that fit then that's it, that's your denim mastered. My favourite denim styles are slim fit mom / straight leg jeans - I love the ASOS Farleigh's and Topshop Orson jeans are new on my radar too!

But when I saw long denim trending well, I decided I wanted to give it a go for myself. When experimenting with trends I usually look in more affordable high street stores, especially if it's a trend I'm not sure I'll love. These jeans aren't the best fit for me but I really love how they look with the frayed hem and ankle boots.


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Kitten heels

Statement footwear is something I really love and I have definitely wanted a pair of white boots for a while but never took the plunge. This season they blew up and so I got a pair.. and not any old pair... white kitten heeled ankle boots! I can come to terms with the white but kitten heels? Now that took me by surprise. I'm still coming to terms with this one, kitten heels became trendy last year but I didn't get sucked in that time around. Whilst I'd say I'm not fully converted just yet, I do have a few kitten heels sneakily making their way into my shoedrobe which I never thought would happen!



  1. Even though you’ve said your not 100% yet on these trends, you suit them so well girl! Literally anything you were you look fab in!

    Isobel x

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