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Copenhagen From My iPhone: A Mini City Guide

Copenhagen, Denmark
copenhagen from my iPhoneThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*] and gifted items marked with [gifted].

I took a trip to Copenhagen with two of my girl friends last weekend for a little weekend city break. We did a lot of exploring in the sun, cold, wind and rain (we literally had a bit of every season!) whilst devouring an array of Danish pastries for good measure. I took the time to switch off from social media for a bit and travelled with no electronics other than my phone - my suitcase felt incredibly light for a change - and so these are some of the snaps from our trip taken from my iPhone!

šŸ“Amalienborg Palaceamalienborg palace
šŸ“Frederik's Church (The Marble Church)
peexo copenhagen from my iPhonepeexo copenhagen from my iPhone


[gifted items: sunglasses, trench coat, trainers]

šŸ“Rosenborg Castlerosenborg castlerosenborg castle
peexo copenhagen rosenborg castlepeexo rosenborg castle
rosenborg castle treasury
peexo rosenborg castlepeexo rosenborg castle

šŸ“Torvehallerne KBHlaura's torvehallerne KBH
peexo original coffee copenhagendanish pastries

šŸ“Nyhavncopenhagen nyhavn
peexo nyhavn copenhagenpeexo copenhagen nyhavn
copenhagen nyhavnnyhavn copenhagen

[gifted items: trench coat, boots]
copenhagen nyhavn
šŸ“Tivoli Gardens
(sadly closed when we went)
tivoli gardenstivoli gardens

šŸ“Palads Teatretpalads teatret copenhagen

[gifted items: boots]
copenhagen palads teatret
šŸ“Far's Dreng
far's dengfar's deng copenhagen brunch

šŸ“Magasin Du Nordmagasin du nord copenhagen

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