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February 2020

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As February draws to a close, it's time for another monthly recap. I was really happy with how last month's post turned out. (Read my blog post: January 2020) and I'm excited about the prospect of putting these blog posts together over the next year. So, a lot has happened in February including Valentine's Day, Pancake Day and even a whole extra day plopped onto the end of the month! Here's a look at what I've been up to this month and the things I've loved.

Small Things from February

I started popping in to charity shops recently as this is something I would really love to explore more, I'm starting out with buying books for now and then hoping to expand. Charity shops can be overwhelming at times as there is so much available so I think you need to go in with a rough idea of what you want but also knowing that you may not find exactly what you're after.

This year I'm trying to focus less on shopping and constantly buying new in pieces which is something I wrote about on my blog last year. Read my blog post: Focusing Less on Hauls and New, New, New Culture.

My Instagram slump from last month seems to have carried itself into this month as well. I am just stagnating on Instagram at the moment and have been ending every day with an overall loss of followers for at least a month now. I thought I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel after 7 days of growth (albeit only little, still better than losing followers) but it quickly returned to the new normal. As I haven't really noticed a sharp drop in engagement, I'm not sure what's triggered this but it doesn't seem to be slowing down at all. It's disheartening but I'm trying really hard not to let it bother me which is so much easier said than done. Honestly, if there ever is a month where I don't have Instagram woes I would love to be there.

Anyway, now onto sharing some of my favourite things this month!

Best Beauty Products I Tried
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*IT Cosmetics, CC cream : This has been loved by so many people for the absolute longest time, I would say I'm quite late to trying this but I finally have and am as obsessed with this as everybody else is. It's such an easy product to use that gives a really flawless but natural finish. Not to mention the fact it has SPF 50! If you're not a fan of strong scents however, this may not be for you as the scent (I think it has a strong citrus smell) was one of the first things I noticed about this product.

*Temple Spa, life defence moisturiser [gifted] : I've been using this moisturiser on a daily basis - it's a lightweight, travel-friendly moisturiser with the added benefit of SPF 25. Admittedly, SPF is something I would often skip in the winter but I know just how important it is to protect your skin from the sun at all times - even when you can't see it which unfortunately is often in the UK. This year I'm making an effort to use SPF daily and when it's in my moisturiser then it's two steps in one!

*Mádara, bi-phase eye makeup remover [gifted] : As I wear waterproof mascara daily, an essential step in my evening routine is an oil based micellar water to remove my eye makeup. I've tried quite a few in the past and this one has been such a pleasant surprise! I'm only just beginning to discover Madara and their products but from what I've tried so far, I'm impressed. The bi-phase micellar water works perfectly at removing any traces of my waterproof mascara which is exactly what I need.

*Benefit, eyebrow wax and tint [gifted] : I'm sure we all know and love Benefit's brow products (*Precisely My Brow and the *24hr Brow Setter are two of my favourite eyebrow products) but have you ever had an eyebrow wax and tint at Benefit? Life. Changing. I actually can't believe I had never done this sooner! I was kindly invited down to the Carnaby Street store to try the service for myself and I was so pleased with the results.

Fashion Favourites
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*Sheer blouse [gifted] / *Ankle boots [gifted] / *Belted grey coat [gifted] / *Nude tote [gifted] / *Hi top leather converse [gifted] fashion favourites February 2020
What I've Watched This Month

The Split (Season 2) : I watched season one last year so when I saw season two had been released I picked up the series again. It's a British drama based in a law firm that deals with family matters whilst also looking into the lives of four women (a mother and her daughters') family affairs. I love a law based drama so this was right up my street!

The Stranger : Who hasn't watched The Stranger by now? If you haven't then you need to! It's new on Netflix and as good as everyone says it is. It's another British drama (which I love) and deals with secrets, lies and murder within a neighbourhood. I watched this with my boyfriend and we both really enjoyed it, I think we finished it in just a couple of weekends.

Love Is Blind : I started watching this because of just how hyped up it was. After watching the first couple of episodes all I could think of was how stupid the show is and I couldn't really get my head around the concept but I became addicted to it nonetheless. I think this show is literally the definition of trash TV but I couldn't stop watching! Without giving anything away, I was quite happy with the couples that said "I do" at the alter and now I just want to know everything about their lives post-filming (I've heard this was filmed in 2018 so there's a lot of catching up to do!)

Flesh and Blood : A four-part mini series on ITV which played out over four consecutive days, I actually watched it all in only two sittings on catch up. I really enjoyed watching how the story played out and the how the characters lives unfolded. I would 100% recommend this, especially as it's such a short watch but still so good!

Books I've Read
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My first IGTV

At last! I uploaded my first IGTV video on my Instagram last week and I was genuinely so nervous about it. I can only blame myself for this as I put so much added pressure onto myself to make this perfect. Well I finally bit the bullet and uploaded it onto my Instagram, it's a London Lookbook which I thought was a nice video to start with! Watch it now on IGTV here.

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