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March 2020

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What. A. Month. I think that March 2020 will be etched in our memories for life and unfortunately, it's mostly for the wrong reasons. Often I struggle to even get my head around what is going on all over the world right now, it's just such a crazy thing to be living through. This month I've tried to really focus on my blog as a distraction from what's going on out there. For those of you who are also doing your bit for the world by staying home, I hope that my content (on my blog, my Instagram and my YouTube channel) can help to offer a distraction amidst the chaos.

Best Beauty Products 
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*Queen of Hungary mist, Omorovicza [gifted] : Mists have never really been my thing I have to be honest but recently, in a bid to actually use up products from my beauty stash, I decided to try out this and I just love it! It's a fuss-free product that gives my skin a nice little boost throughout the day. 

*Silk scrunchies, Slip [gifted] : After a trip to the hairdresser, I discovered that my standard elastic hairbands were causing my hair to break so I've been trying out alternatives. I got a pack of these scrunchies to try and I'm actually obsessed. I was worried that these would slip out of my hair easily as they're silk but they stay in place throughout the day (and night). I'm guilty of always having a hairband on my wrist but I have the gold scrunchies which match my gold jewellery perfectly - it's like I have an extra accessory on and I don't need to worry about it sitting on my wrist all day long!

*Soy Face Cleanser, Fresh [gifted] - I've spent many days this month wearing no makeup so I've felt a bit detached from my usually rigorous double-cleansing evening routine and often lazy morning routine but I still think it's important to cleanse for a fresh canvas every morning/evening before applying product(s) to my face.

*Hand Food, Soap & Glory [gifted] : Soap & Glory's classic hand food in a 250ml bottle with a pump!! I find the pump really practical which is why this size and bottle is so great. We have this sitting in our living room and we're constantly applying throughout the day. It's in the classic pink scent by Soap & Glory too which I adore.

*Ambient Lighting Blush Quad (Ghost), Hourglass [gifted] : I have used every single blush shade in this quad which is pretty impressive, usually there's always one shade that isn't quite right but not in this palette! Despite every shade having a little bit of shimmer running through, I think it's the perfect finishing touch to any makeup look. I'm really enjoying wearing blush at the moment so I'm experimenting loads with this gorgeous palette.

Fashion Favourites
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*Rust joggers / *Two-tone shoes [gifted] / *Nude scallop bra [gifted] / *Smart watch

I don't have many fashion favourites this month and I'm sure you understand why - it's just not a priority of mine at the moment so these are just a few bits I've been loving!

Some Positives This Month

I really think it's important for us to try and focus on some positives as it feels as though we're surrounded by negative thoughts and uncertainty at the moment.

This month has been one of my most active on my blog which makes me so happy! I often speak about wanting to work on my blog more and create new content but I've struggled with doing this in the past. I've managed to create, and stick to, a sort of schedule throughout March with weekly blog posts every Wednesday which is working quite well for me. With more time at home, I'm able to spend longer working on blog posts which I'm really happy about. I hope to continue this throughout the year as working on my blog brings me so much joy. It's what I started out doing and I never want to completely neglect it as I have done in previous years.

I've done a lot of reading this month, as you can tell below from the amount of books I've read this month. It may not be a lot to some of you but for me, it's a pretty impressive number of new reads. I'm really enjoying spending a few hours detached from technology and all that's going on in the world with a book in hand.

Books I've Read This Month 
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️        ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  

What I've Watched

Greenbook : I absolutely LOVED this, it's so worth a watch. Available to watch on *Prime Video.

Liar (Season 2) : Season 1 came out in 2017 so this has been a long time coming! We have our theories about how this season will unfold but I won't give out any spoilers. Catch up with season 1 on ITV player if you haven't seen it yet otherwise, tune in to ITV every Monday at 9pm for season 2.

Stand Up To Cancer Bakeoff : This is the type of wholesome TV we need right now. I settle down every Tuesday evening to watch this (ideally with a slice of cake) and really enjoy it. I think Bakeoff is just one of my favourite TV shows so I love all the spin off shows - have you watched Bakeoff Junior? That's also very good!

The Office (US) : Well, I've finally admitted that The Office (US) is great. I was always on the fence about it until a few days ago when I finally decided that I really do enjoy it. Season 5, episode 14 had me laughing out loud by myself. We're about half way through the whole series now and haven't tired of it. I also finally understand so many memes and gifs that people have been sharing for years!

This month has been such a crazy one but I hope you're coping. I'm working on my content and just trying to share more with you throughout this period of uncertainty with many hours on Netflix thrown in for good measure! Stay safe.

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