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How I'm Adding Extra Hydration In My Beauty Routine

London, UK
skincare-hydration-boostersAffiliate links are marked with [*] Items sent by brands are marked with [pr product]. This post contains a paid partnership with Pure Obagi.

As it's finally spring, I've been incorporating new steps into my skincare routine with the goal of boosting hydration. Throughout the year my daily routine changes often, I enjoy testing and trialling new beauty products and regimes, I'm quite lucky with my skin so I don't need to focus on many problem areas which means I'm able to experiment a little bit more which I thoroughly enjoy. My daily routines change throughout the year to suit the weather, the season and also my mood and as I'm currently focused on boosting hydration - I thought I'd share what I've been using recently.



Daily hydro-drops, Obagi [pr product]

I've been using the hydro-drops for about a month now and I've been really impressed! As the name would suggest, this serum is mega hydrating which is perfect for spring and for when you want to achieve a hydrated and glowy complexion. You can use this product in multiple different ways, apply straight onto your skin for deep hydration or add to your moisturiser for a hydration boost. This serum can be used evening and night but I've mostly favoured using it in the mornings as part of my morning routine so my face feels hydrated all day. One thing I really love about this product is that the dropper is self-filling so you get the perfect amount of product to use every time!


To be honest, I could have easily included any of the L'Occitane hand creams as they have just become my go-to but the one I'm using currently is from the almond range, I love the entire collection and this product is no exception! I keep one by my bed and another in my bag at all times - I also have a jumbo 150ml size (which was a Christmas exclusive) which I'm slowly getting through too. Hand cream has become a daily essential and I've noticed the difference that using a good hand cream can do for my hands. I get a few dry patches from washing my hands so frequently, mostly across the top of my wrists, which can get so uncomfortable so keeping my hands hydrated helps alleviate any discomfort.


*Nipple balm, Dr Lipp [pr product]

Lip balm is an integral step in any beauty routine and one I barely ever skip. I like a variety of different lip balms and I vary the thickness depending on the time of day. For instance, during the day I will use a lightweight lip balm which offers hydration and protection with added SPF. In the evenings however, I'm all about slathering my lips in a really thick, hydrating lip balm and that's where Dr Lipp comes in. This is a really thick lip balm which I coat my lips in before going to sleep so that when I wake up, they feel brand new and plumped. Fun fact - this product was initially used as a balm for nipples (hence the name) but women thought it was so good that they started to use it on other dry areas too!



Finally, don't forget to drink water! If you're not already drinking enough liquids then try to boost your water intake. I'm so bad at drinking enough water throughout the day, I need to constantly remind myself to and one thing that has helped me was buying a *1 litre water bottle which encourages me to drink. The one I use has a straw which I find much easier to drink from (I don't know why but I drink far less when drinking out of a standard cup or bottle). Water is a key factor in ensuring your body remains hydrated so try not to forget to up your daily water intake, especially as it starts to get warmer.

What are your steps for maintaining healthy and hydrated skin?

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