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Current Beauty Favourites: Makeup and Skincare

London, UK
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Let's talk beauty favourites! I don't talk about beauty and makeup enough so I thought I'd share an updated blog post with some of my recent favourites.

I was sent the full collection (6 shades) and I kept 4/6. When I'm sent multiples of one product, I try to be strict with myself and not keep too many. My go-to at the moment is the shade Loyal which I've been using to add a flush of colour to my cheeks, sometimes I even use this in the place of bronzer for colour all-over.

Despite being matte, these aren't like those typical matte liquid lipsticks that will quite literally stick onto your lips and be impossible to remove. The Air Matte Lip Colours dry fairly quickly but they're not drying on the lips, this means the staying power isn't as strong but I love the finish, feel and colour of these.

I've used this product for such a long time and admittedly, it was simply another step in my haircare routine. However, I recently switched when I use this in my routine and OMG! What. A. Difference. I used to spray this onto my roots only before blowdrying but now I spray this onto towel-dried hair, all over - I think this is the game changer, using this spray all over my hair instead of just at the roots - before blowdrying later. Once my hair is dry, I notice instant volume which is exactly what I want!

My skin has been quite dry recently due to the winter months and changing season so I've been trying to add hydration into my skin in any way I can. This serum is really lightweight yet hydrating and can be used day time and/or night time, I've been applying this both AM and PM which has been working really well for me. I've tried a few different Caudalie serums in the past and I've loved them all so far.

These makeup remover pads are excellent. I keep a set at my boyfriend's house because they're so easy to use and clean but I missed these as a part of my daily skincare routine so I got some extras to use at home as well. Currently I prefer these over standard muslin cloths because the texture allows them to really get into your skin and remove any excess product with ease. 

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What are your current beauty favourites?

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