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Simple Gift Wrap Ideas: The Finishing Touches

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

gift wrap ideas at christmas peexo blog
It's the finishing touches on a gift that can really make it that little bit more special for the recipient. Equally, it's the finishing touches that make wrapping all the more fun for me when I'm sat at my table doing some Christmas wrapping! For that reason, I thought I'd put together a short blog post on simple ways I like to add a finishing touch to my gifts when wrapping. Nothing groundbreaking, simply a mix of things I do every year and new things I've tried for the first time this year, loved, and wanted to share with you!

5 Things I'm Looking Forward To This Christmas

Thursday, 6 December 2018

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 Hello December, let the real festivities begin. Having a December birthday usually means I never really get in to the festive spirit until about half way through the month but this year I've been itching to sing Christmas songs and take a bite out of my first Christmas chocolates for what feels like the longest time! So as soon as my birthday passed on December 2nd, I was in full on Christmas mode by the 3rd. There's just something about December and the festive feeling that comes with it and this year I've felt it more than ever before! Now that we're well and truly into the month, I wanted to share some of the things I'm most looking forward to in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas Scents: The Gift of Fragrance

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

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When it comes to Christmas gifting, I think fragrance plays a big part in that. Whether you're gifting someone a scent to wear throughout the upcoming months or fragrance to fill a home, you can give the gift of a fragrance that they'll love at Christmas time. Whilst I think scent can be quite a personal one, as long as you know a little bit about a person and what they like and dislike (try and find out what their favourite fragrance is beforehand for an idea of what they'll like to receive) then a new scent can make the perfect gift. For that reason, I wanted to share a blog post centred around fragrance and the gift of scent.

The Christmas Gift Guides with Gift Ideas For Everyone

Saturday, 1 December 2018

christmas gift guides 2018
Welcoming December with my 2018 Christmas Gift Guides, filled with gift ideas for just about everyone in your family and friendship groups. Gift ideas for the women in your lives, from your grandma to your best girlfriend and gift ideas for the men in your life, who we all know are notoriously hard to buy for, especially at Christmas! I've included a selection of the best beauty gifts this year and plenty of non-beauty gift ideas too. Not to mention, a cracking selection of Christmas beauty crackers, baubles and tree ornaments! With various price points so you can ensure you spend within your budget. With Christmas less than a month away (I can't blimmin' believe it!) it's time to get gifting...

Hitting 50k on Instagram and Bidding Farewell to Autumn

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

london blogger peexo november recap
Do you know what? Finding something interesting to write about every time I want to share a new blog post is a challenge. I've admitted time and time again that creative writing really isn't my strong point and sometimes I just want to share a set of photos I love or an outfit I enjoyed wearing without having to come up with a story to share alongside it. I kind of just want to write about random things - how my week has been, new things I've tried and things I've done. So, I think that's what I'm going to start doing more of. Let's say these will be like mini diary entries, I don't know how frequently these will appear but what I do know is that they're starting today!