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How To Style The Short Puffer Jacket

London, UK
superdry-jacket-icons-puffer-jacketThis post contains a paid partnership with Superdry.

When Superdry challenged me to take part in their latest campaign The Superdry Jacket Icons, and create a look inspired by my favourite era, I instantly knew what I wanted to do... because when I think of Superdry outerwear, I think of their puffer jackets so that's what I chose to style.

Although it may seem like the new kid on the block, puffer jackets have been around for almost a century! Growing in popularity steadily over the years, having properly peaked in the 80's and still going strong today. 



Looking back over the trends and style of the 80's, the sportswear is what really stands out to me: matching tracksuits, leotards, leggings and leg-warmers, bright white trainers and puffer jackets. So naturally, that's where I took inspiration from when it came to styling my Superdry puffer jacket.

There are so many puffer jackets to choose from on the high street at the moment, ranging from long duvet style puffer jackets to slightly more trend-led cropped puffer jackets too. Not to mention an array of colours, and whilst I would always opt for classic colours (black being the most wearable in my opinion) there's a rainbow of colours to choose from and if you're really looking to channel the 80's through your look, then bright is best!


Staying true to my personal style, I decided to stick to black and white styling here as it's a formula that never fails. I often talk about outfit formulas and how I put outfits together and in this case - when it comes to wearing and styling a puffer jacket - I think simple is best. Admittedly, I think simple is always best! 

I chose to style this cropped black puffer jacket from Superdry with a simple white crop top, high waisted black leggings, thick white socks and matching white trainers. The best combo if you ask me and a nod to the 80's sportswear hype too. 


For me, a puffer jacket will always be a winter go-to (is there anything warmer than wearing a puffer jacket in the winter months?) There's a reason it's loved by so many - as not only is it designed to be incredibly warm and survive seriously low temperatures, it also holds a top spot in trendy outerwear for sporty types. Imagine, a jacket fit for the mountaintops but also trendy enough to wear in the city, there's nothing else quite like it! 

Whilst trends are constantly changing, there are some styles that never go out of fashion and the short or long puffer jacket is truly one of them.

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