I Simply Can't Get Enough of Faux Fur

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I Simply Can't Get Enough of Faux Fur
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One thing I can't get enough of recently has been faux fur. After finding this gem in the depths of my wardrobe (which somehow managed to survive my many wardrobe clearouts since the age of 16) I haven't been able to take it off, I solely reach for this over any other outerwear piece in my wardrobe. I don't know what it is about this piece, or faux fur in general, but I've been completely won over!

The first time I tried wearing it this winter I was a little unsure about it in all honesty, I didn't know if it was for me and I felt a little bit silly - which always happens to me when I'm unsure about something - but following some lovely comments on Instagram I soon grew to love it and now it's all I wear! That's another thing, I love that Instagram has become such an influential platform and I really value the opinions shared with me, it's great to know that you're loving something and it always gives me a confidence boost too so thank you for the lovely comments, always. As much as I would happily sit and gush about my love of faux fur I think that will end up sending you to sleep so I'll give it a rest for now and finish off by saying that if you are unsure about faux fur there's nothing to be afraid of. Whilst I know faux fur isn't the easiest texture to wear, if you go for a black piece then I think you'll be surprised at just how much use you'll get out of it, I definitely am.


Hat - H&M
Faux fur jacket - Lipsy (similar)
Black top - Topshop
Skinny jeans - (c/o) New Look
Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
[Photos taken by Maria]

My Thoughts on LFW

Sunday, 26 February 2017

My Thoughts on LFW
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I'll start with my fashion week story; my first ever season at LFW was 2 years ago, I had no idea how to get tickets for shows nor was I aware of what went on at fashion week but I knew I wanted to experience it and take it all in for myself. My first ever season was at Somerset House which was the most perfect location and although I only experienced the fashion week buzz at Somerset House for a year, I truly miss it. Then came my favourite ever season which was also the first at Bewer Street Carpark and although I didn't like the location, I had a really good season. In all honesty, I think it was just down to preparation - I felt so prepared that season, I had planned my outfits well in advance and I knew exactly what I wanted to style. I spent so long planning my outfits beforehand, standing in front of the mirror, trying on different options whilst texting the girls to make sure they all agreed with my final picks. I'd go as far as to say that was my peak in terms of LFW experiences to date, the season after that wasn't nearly as good and it's sort of stayed at that mediocre level ever since.

At first, the sheer excitement of being accepted to see a show felt like a huge achievement and I was filled to the brim with excitement, I simply couldn't wait to be a part of it all. As the seasons go on, I feel less and less excited about fashion week, it's just not as fun for me as it once was. I think that in such a saturated blogosphere it's really hard to stand out and in my opinion, LFW doesn't quite cater for all bloggers, focusing mostly on the well-established bloggers as opposed to the rest. Fashion week is a prime time to fall into the pit of comparison. I think it's inevitable that as bloggers we compare ourselves to other bloggers. For me, fashion week really brings this to the core, I see what other bloggers have been invited to and question why I wasn't invited, I wonder why I'm not good enough to do the same things that some of my other blogging pals are doing.

Nonetheless, that isn't to say there aren't positives about London Fashion Week. This season was probably one of my best so far in terms of work prospects, I collaborated with a couple of my favourite brands this season which was so much fun and the blogger lounges are always incredible so I was really happy to be a part of so many this season including The Apartment, The Blogger Hangout, The Grooming Room and more! Currently, I value fashion week as a time to be able to hangout with other people who have similar interests to mine, girls who inspire me and girls who I look up to.

I find it quite hard to express myself in writing, I end up reading over what I have written countless number of times, trying to proof read and make sure I'm not rambling nor sounding ungrateful. As one of my New Year's resolutions was to try and be more personal on my blog I wanted to spill my thoughts into this post in the hope that maybe one of you will relate and I can clear my mind.

[Photos by Comb at The Apartment]

LFW Day 2

Thursday, 23 February 2017

LFW Day 2
london fashion week street style peexopeexo london fashion week street stylepeexo styling velvet pinkpeexo all pink stylepeexo london fashion week style new lookpeexo new look london fashion week
Day 2 was a little busier for me compared to day 1, I had a couple of collaborations during the day which meant a change of outfit was required (very fancy indeed!) I started off with a look from Primark which subsequently, I forgot to shoot as I spent Saturday rushing around from one place to the next - yes, I'm a bad blogger. I did post a photo on Instagram though so you can see that outfit on my page (@peexo).

My second look of the day was for a collaboration with New Look which I was very excited about, as you know, I'm a huge fan of the brand and more often than not I'm prancing around in some of their pieces, so this felt rather fitting for fashion week. I was adamant to wear pink this season, it's such a cool trend and it's my favourite colour without a doubt. I envisioned an all pink look for fashion week and found the perfect pieces in the Oxford Street store; starting with a pretty pink top with ruffle details, a pink leather look skirt, with pockets might I add! Finished off with a velvet pink backpack (I debated whether to colour clash using the red version of this backpack but decided against it). For shoes, I chose these velvet heels which were sitting pretty in the sale isle (only £10!) and I simply couldn't resist them. Although these aren't pink, they matched perfectly with the texture of my backpack so it was a win win. Having said this, these were so hard to walk in! I love a good heel and these are the perfect block heel which in theory, should have made them easier to walk in but because of the sheer height of them they were near-enough impossible to walk in. I somehow managed 10 flights of stairs up onto the roof of this car park to get these shots which I was pretty chuffed about.

So that's really it for my LFW outfit roundup this season. I also filmed what I wore for a video on my YouTube channel (peexo vlogs) and I really enjoyed trying out a new style so please do pop over for a watch and let me know what you think! 


[Photos taken by Mohamed]

This post is in collaboration with New Look. All thoughts and writing are my own, read my full disclaimer here.

LFW Day 1

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

LFW Day 1
london street style lfw peexo bloggerpeexo blogger lfw street stylepeexo fashion blogger lfw street stylelfw street style peexo fashion blogger
This post is coming to you later than I had planned as, believe it or not, I completely forgot about posting on Sunday! I remembered at around 3pm that it was Sunday and I had forgotten to write, edit and schedule my post for the day #fail. Fashion week really throws you off your game, or at least it did for me this season.

I must admit that once again, this season just didn't quite do it for me. I really have fallen out of love with fashion week and I thought it was something temporary - read my thoughts on last season at LFW here - but this season the fashion week blues came knocking once more. I don't want to dwell on that too much in this post, although I will be spilling my thoughts into a blog post really soon (this Sunday, if I don't forget that is...)

Instead, I'm starting this week with a look at my first outfit of London Fashion Week! I wanted to stay true to my style so I picked out some of my favourite pieces to wear; I decided to go for a camel/neutral colour palette, adding lots of different items that I felt were similar but different. My main focus was on this teddy bear coat from Missguided which I only bought a few weeks ago, for most people, that would be too late to buy into a winter trend but as soon as I laid eyes on this jacket I couldn't resist adding it to my basket (and subsequently buying it). There was a 30% off code floating about when I bought it which brought it down to £28 from £40 both of which are really reasonable for a teddy bear coat! I wore a mustard coloured jumper, added a pop of colour with my crossbody bag - which is currently my favourite style of handbag - mom jeans, because how would I be true to myself if I didn't wear ASOS Farleigh jeans? And finally, those leopard print boots I have pretty much gone on about for the best part of the winter months - Topshop did good.


Teddy bear jacket - Missguided
Mustard jumper - (c/o) Missguided
Farleigh jeans - ASOS
Leopard print ankle boots - Topshop
Tan crossbody bag - Fiorelli
[Photos taken by Comb at The Apartment]

The Importance of Defining Your Face Shape

Thursday, 16 February 2017

The Importance of Defining Your Face Shape
topshop bell sleeve topdefining your face shape vision directvision direct american freshman glasses peexo
I started wearing glasses half way through secondary school, I didn't want to admit I needed a pair but when I could no longer see the board in class I knew I needed to do something about it. For as long as I could manage I only ever wore my glasses in the classroom but outside of the classroom the glasses were always off. That is, until a few years ago - I want to say sixth form - when I finally admitted defeat and began wearing glasses daily.

I've had a fair few pairs of glasses over the years; I really struggle when it comes to finding glasses and even sunglasses because my head is tiny. The last frames I bought after my opticians appointment were from the kids section believe it or not! Which wasn't a bad thing, in the end I managed to pocket a few extra pounds because kids glasses are generally cheaper than adult glasses. I've had the same pair for a couple of years now, never wanting to venture out and find a new pair purely down to the fact it's so difficult for me to find glasses I like and actually fit my face too. Buying glasses online seemed like a complete myth for me, how would I be able to find a pair online - without trying them on - and be sure they fit my face? Vision Direct changed that for me. They have just launched an interactive quiz designed to help you choose the right frames for your face shape, you can take the quiz here. With only a few questions to answer including defining your face shape and choosing your skin tone and hair colour, it's one of the quickest ways to find a frame that will suit you.

My face shape is oval and my match were the Jamie, Brady and Charlie frames. I took this on board and used it to narrow down my options, I finally decided on the Faith frames by American Freshman. My favourite frames from the quiz were the Brady frames but I thought they looked a little big, and too straight for me as even though my face shape is oval, my head is quite small. The Faith frames I opted for are a cat-eye shape which I find is the best option for me and my small head; harsh frames usually stick out too much on my face so I find a rounded edge works much better. Tortoiseshell was recommended for me in the quiz as it compliments my skin tone and hair colour, which I think it does, would you agree? My previous frames were black and I can see such a difference between the two and how they look on me.

This post is sponsored by Vision Direct. All thoughts and writing are my own, read my full disclaimer here.

Capturing Moments

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Capturing Moments
capturing memories instax mini 70peexo valentine's day style bloggerinstax mini 70 valentine's day peexovalentine's day capturing memories instax mini 70peexo style blogger valentine's dayscallop trip suede heels dune london peexocapturing memories instax mini 70
Happy Valentine's Day! Whilst most people don't celebrate February 14 for various reasons, it didn't feel right to not address the occasion at all. Having said that, Andre and I actually have no plans for today; I'm spending my day shooting some new content whilst he's spending his at work, we'll probably just have dinner tonight which is what we do most of the time anyway. Although I must admit, I am hoping for a cute card because I'm one of those people who saves cards year after year!

Following on from my previous post about choosing scent to help make memories last, another way of making them last is by capturing them. Since getting the Instax mini 70 for my birthday in December, I've been wanting to use it to capture memories instantly but I must admit, I get quite nervous about using it because I don't want to waste film (packs of 10 are around £15 which isn't cheap!) I want to make it my goal to use it as often as I can. Now, all that's left is to convince Andre to take some photos with me! In 4 years we probably only have 4 nice photos to show for it so taking cute couple photos is next on my to-do list.

Onto my outfit (because it feels like I haven't properly talked about what I'm wearing in yonks). This outfit is a dressed up version of what has been my daily getup. Starting with my faux fur jacket which, if you didn't know already from my Instagram, is a real oldie my mum bought for me to wear on my 16th birthday and has been hanging in my wardrobe ever since, unworn. I'd been seeing so many of my favourite bloggers wearing amazing faux fur jackets recently that I decided to give it a go myself with what I already had in my wardrobe and I practically haven't stopped wearing it since! Rather than a jumper, which is usually what I gravitate towards, I chose a red floral top, perfect for Valentine's. Paired with a new pair of jeans from Topshop and new suede heels from Dune which have a gorgeous scallop trim, making them the perfect heel for a winter evening when it's still too cold to get your toes out. I also got a new crossbody bag from Carvela via Shoeaholics which I'm completely obsessed with so, without a doubt you'll be seeing it loads!


Faux fur jacket - Lipsy
[Photos taken by Maria]

How I'm Making Memories Last Using Scent

Sunday, 12 February 2017

How I'm Making Memories Last Using Scent
peexo chloé perfume valentine's daystyle blogger peexo valentine's daypeexo valentine's day scent love story chloélove story chloé valentine's day scentpeexo street style valentine's dayembroidered heels new look peexo style bloggervalentine's day street style peexochloé love story valentine's day
I don't think it will come as a surprise to you that this post is about scents, not only that, today I'm sharing with you my chosen scent for Valentine's Day and why choosing a scent to mark an occasion should become an essential. This isn't exclusive to Valentine's Day, nor to lovers, but for when you want to treasure memories as well as be reminded of particular times in your life. From my childhood there are distinct perfume scents I remember; my auntie for one, had her signature scent and any time I smelt it, no matter where I was, it would remind me of her. To this day it still makes me think of her even though she no longer wears it. To me, it's incredible that a scent has the power to bring back floods of memories and so I've decided to create my own memories around a new scent.

Valentine's Day: "14 February, a day when it is tradition to send a card, often anonymously, to a person one is romantically involved with or attracted to." 

Cards, gifts and flowers are hard to keep forever For that reason, I'm looking for a new way to create memories this Valentine's Day and ensure I remember them whenever I get a whiff of my chosen scent. On date nights, I carry Chloé Love Story in my handbag to spritz whenever I want a scent top up throughout the day. Smell is said to be a trigger of memories so I want to build my Valentine's memories around this scent from Chloé, the name is so apt don't you think?


Longline coat - New Look
Bell sleeve top - Boohoo
Frayed hem jeans - (c/o) New Look
Embroidered heels - (c/o) New Look
Crossbody bag - (c/o) Carvela via Shoeaholics
[Photos taken by Andre]

What's Trending Now: Gingham

Thursday, 9 February 2017

What's Trending Now: Gingham
what's trending now gingham styled by peexopeexo street style blogger london ginghammissguided studded boots peexo stylelondon street style blogger peexogingham shirt peexo london street stylecurrent trends styling ginghampeexo styling ginghamstudded ankle boots missguided
Recently, gingham has been appearing left right and centre and naturally, the more I see it, the more I want to have a wardrobe filled to the brim with gingham items. Personally, I find it's one of the most difficult prints to style. Prints are difficult generally but for some reason I find gingham to resemble a picnic blanket more than anything else and I never know when I've gone overboard - too much can be overkill.

For my first go at playing around with the trend, I picked out black and grey pieces which compliment the print whilst still being subtle enough to not give you a headache when you catch a glimpse of your outfit in the mirror (anybody else get that when there's a whole lotta print going on?) My gingham shirt is from Glamorous, it's the perfect slouchy fit for a casual weekend but can also just as easily be tucked into a pair of jeans and worn with a harness bralet popping out for some added sexiness. As I said, I kept the rest of my look simple by wearing my go-to Farleigh jeans from ASOS, a grey coat from New Look and a bobble hat from Quiz because just when you think it's starting to get a little warmer in the UK, it goes ahead and gets really really cold, really really quickly!

Finally, my footwear of choice were a new pair of studded ankle boots from Missguided. Initially, I spotted these boots on ASOS and added them to my saved list instantly. Then, whilst browsing Missguided's website they popped out at me again and I knew it was meant to be. I read some of the reviews suggesting to size up which is exactly what I did and they fit perfectly so, if you're thinking of buying these gorgeous booties then you'd be better off sizing up! As tends to be the case with any new purchase I make, I couldn't wait to give these their first outing; I was nervous they wouldn't suit the outfit because they're not plain and gingham is such a loud print on its own, I was sort of scared to wear anything that wasn't plain and simple. Having said this, I learnt that these are definitely the perfect pair of boots, they're still monochrome which means they work with just about anything. I had doubts about whether these would look too much like going out boots when they arrived but actually, they're perfectly suited for the day time too; I've only ever worn them during the day and don't think they're over the top at all.


Bobble hat - (c/o) Quiz
Grey coat - (c/o) New Look
Gingham shirt - (c/o) Glamorous
Black mom jeans - ASOS
Studded ankle boots - Missguided via ASOS
[Photos taken by Maria]

The Secrets Under Knee High Boots

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Secrets Under Knee High Boots
peexo style blogger fashion midi dress knee high bootspeexo street style bloggerspring personal style peexo
midi dress spring style florals peexo peexo london style blogger spring
public desire knee high boots
Can you believe this is the first time I wear knee high boots this winter season?! Last winter I was all over them, layering them over jeans and using them to keep my legs warm whilst wearing jumper dresses but this year I haven't been drawn to them, no idea why. I'm guessing it was a phase as when I spotted this pair towards the back of my wardrobe I thought it was about time I gave styling them a go this season. I must admit that I struggle when it comes to knee high boots, I wouldn't say I have the thinnest legs nor the widest but when it comes to finding a pair of knee high boots on the high street that have a snug fit around my thighs I've struggled. These thigh highs are from Public Desire at a mere £39.99, they're really inexpensive looking at the grand scale of things but truth be told, they don't fit me amazingly well (it doesn't help that I have big size 7 feet either!)

Knee high boot woes aside, I still love experimenting with new ways of styling these and I've found that wearing some knee high socks underneath, or when paired with jeans, the boots have a much better fit and although they look baggy, they've never fallen down my leg.

I spend every dreary morning longing for spring and as tradition dictates, I have my floral pieces at the ready. I've been finding so much inspiration in street style recently and one thing that has really caught my eye has been midi dresses layered under biker jackets so naturally, I did exactly that. I went for a faux leather jacket from River Island (one of my 2016 fashion favourites) layered over my floral midi dress from New Look for ultimate city-girl-chic vibes. Forget the glamorous life you may think us bloggers lead, the real reason I picked out my knee high boots was to hide my unshaved legs: winter = no shaving.


Biker jacket - (c/o) River Island
Floral midi dress - New Look
Knee high boots - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Maria]