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The Importance of Defining Your Face Shape

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For as long as I could manage I only ever wore my glasses in the classroom but outside of the classroom the glasses were always off. That is, until a few years ago - I want to say sixth form - when I finally admitted defeat and began wearing glasses daily.
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I started wearing glasses half way through secondary school, I didn't want to admit I needed a pair but when I could no longer see the board in class I knew I needed to do something about it.

I've had a fair few pairs of glasses over the years; I really struggle when it comes to finding glasses and even sunglasses because my head is tiny. The last frames I bought after my opticians appointment were from the kids section believe it or not! Which wasn't a bad thing, in the end I managed to pocket a few extra pounds because kids glasses are generally cheaper than adult glasses. I've had the same pair for a couple of years now, never wanting to venture out and find a new pair purely down to the fact it's so difficult for me to find glasses I like and actually fit my face too. Buying glasses online seemed like a complete myth for me, how would I be able to find a pair online - without trying them on - and be sure they fit my face? Vision Direct changed that for me. They have just launched an interactive quiz designed to help you choose the right frames for your face shape, you can take the quiz here. With only a few questions to answer including defining your face shape and choosing your skin tone and hair colour, it's one of the quickest ways to find a frame that will suit you.

My face shape is oval and my match were the Jamie, Brady and Charlie frames. I took this on board and used it to narrow down my options, I finally decided on the Faith frames by American Freshman. My favourite frames from the quiz were the Brady frames but I thought they looked a little big, and too straight for me as even though my face shape is oval, my head is quite small. The Faith frames I opted for are a cat-eye shape which I find is the best option for me and my small head; harsh frames usually stick out too much on my face so I find a rounded edge works much better. Tortoiseshell was recommended for me in the quiz as it compliments my skin tone and hair colour, which I think it does, would you agree? My previous frames were black and I can see such a difference between the two and how they look on me.

This post is sponsored by Vision Direct. All thoughts and writing are my own, read my full disclaimer here.


  1. You look gorgeous in glasses! :)

    Sincerely Miss J

    1. Thank you! I wear them daily so am always really happy when I get compliments on them (I'm quite self conscious in them!) X