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Eyelash Extensions : Review

So as promised I think it's finally time to share with you my experience with eyelash extensions! I wanted to wait until they all came off but it's been over a month now and there are still some left! I'm currently at university because I've started my summer term and it's exam season so I haven't got my camera with me at the moment so I haven't been able to take a photo of what my eyelashes look like now but I did post a photo on Instagram (@peexo) a few days back where you can see what they're like.

In the photo below I don't have any mascara or any eye make-up at all so you can really see how minimal my eyelashes actually are! They're sadly non-existent. If you want to see the "before and after" pictures then I did a blog post about it previously : Eyelash Extensions.

 I started to photograph my eyelashes as the weeks went on and I was supposed to upload this three weeks in but things kept getting in the way, and I was so surprised by how full my lashes still looked so I thought it was too soon to post, but then I went back to university and started full on revision that I completely forgot to carry on taking these weekly photos, bad blogger! So below are the first three weeks of my eyelash extensions. 
Week 1:
Week 2:

 Week 3:

The first ones to fall were the outer lashes as they were slightly longer. But even with the outer lashes gone my lashes still looked full and voluminous. From the on, the eyelashes have gradually started to fall off from the inner part of my eye, which I'm quite relieved about. At first I thought they would all just fall off in different places along my lash line and I'd end up with some seriously spider-like lashes, but luckily they've fallen in an order haha, so it's nice to have thicker lashes on the outer part of my eye so I can still get away with the lash extensions. 

You can get the extensions removed, as I was reviewing them I've chosen to see how long they last naturally so I've just left them and have pretty much just waited for them to fall out. It hasn't been painful at all for me, in my last post some of you left comments about your previous experiences and how they hurt when they fell off etc. but luckily I haven't had any problem and they mostly just fall out in my sleep so I don't even notice anything. I was scared about even touching my eyes at first but I can rub my eyes and put on makeup on top of the lashes just fine. 

Layla, who did my eyelashes, advised me not to use any oil based products on my lashes as that would weaken the glue and make the lashes fall out quicker so I've been following that instruction and using the Beautytrix eyelash products which I spoke about before : Beautytrix. It's been so great being able to leave the house without having to fuss about with mascara, all I really had to do was brush through them with the spoolies I was given, because they can move about during your sleep, and then I'm ready to go! It's been so fab.

I still have a good few on my lashes at the moment, they are much more sparse but it has been 5 weeks now! And the fact that any of them are still around is amazing to me - I was pretty happy when Layla said they'd last around 3 - 4 weeks but they have surpassed that and I'm mega happy! I know that pretty soon they'll probably all fall out and I'll be reverted back to my little non-existent lashes but it's been great to try out something I'd never tried before and these are perfect for a holiday because when you go abroad there's so much to do and you don't want to spend all your time putting on makeup, and at the beach you can relax with a bare face and still know your eyelashes look fab (yep, you can have these in when you go swimming and everything!).

I've been so impressed with these false eyelashes the whole way through, they haven't caused me any pain and they have lasted a very, very long time! I will probably post on twitter when the last one falls out and I am left with my own lashes again haha! But I mean, if they've lasted 5 weeks I really can't complain!

Have you ever had eyelash extensions? What was your experience?



  1. Great post! I had eyelash extensions for my wedding and to be honest they werent for me :( Maybe I just need to try somewhere eyes lol Check out my blog

    1. That sounds perfect getting your eyelashes done for your big day! I guess it does depend, there were a lot of mixed reviews on my first post about my extensions but luckily I didn't have a single problem with them! X

  2. Woww, almost look like fake lashes!

    Blog // Rose Chrome

    1. I know right! I always put mascara on my bottom lashes though which makes it look far more natural :) X

  3. Can you apply mascara on the lashes?

    1. Yes you can; Beautytrix have a range of products specifically designed for eyelash extensions, so they don't have any oils which could damage the glue but you can also use your own mascara - just make sure it's water based :) X

      Eyelash extension products:

  4. I love love love eyelash extensions. I have mine done and they last up to 10 weeks. Having my new set done on Friday cannot wait.

    They are so worth it aren't they xx


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