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2015 Advent Calendars: What I'll Be Opening (everyday on Snapchat!)

peexo blogger my beauty advent calendars 2015
sephora france exclusive advent calendar
M.Micallef perfume advent calendar
peexo blogger my beauty advent calendars

I'm really looking forward to opening up my advent calendars this year! I'm completely taken by the beauty advent calendar hype, it's such a cool concept and perfect for anybody a little bit older - although these haven't stopped me buying a chocolate advent calendar too.. 

First of, let's talk about M.Micallef, it's a new brand to me so I cheekily took a peek into the advent calendar and it looks like it'll be amazing! It has 24 days, and each day you get a mini perfume sample - I believe they're all different scents, or at least they're alternated so you won't get the same twice in a row - and then on the 24th you receive a full sized perfume! I absolutely love the sound of this one, it's a really great way to get to know the brand and I think it's pretty affordable compared to other beauty calendars out there.

Of course I just had to pick up the Sephora advent calendar, I believe it's exclusive to Sephora France although it is written in both French and English. I'm not super impressed with its contents, I mean, don't get me wrong it does have some pretty good bits inside but it also has tutorials and ribbon inside which I think will be a little disappointing to open up.but it's pretty affordable and I'd say the packaging makes up for it. I'm justifying it as the only time I'll be able to get my hands on a Sephora advent calendar as next year I'll be back in the UK.
RRP: €39.95

So, for my birthday I got The Body Shop advent calendar which definitely deserves a mention in this because I absolutely love it! I've been opening it daily and so far the contents have been amazing.
If you didn't get your hands on the advent calendar then check out The Body Shop online advent calendar!

the body shop beauty advent calendarthe body shop beauty advent calendar

I'm really looking forward to opening up both of these and I'll be opening them daily on Snapchat so if you'd like to find out what I get each day then be sure to add me on there, username: pee.xo

Do you have any beauty advent calendars to open this year?


  1. Replies
    1. Just opened day 1 on snapchat! My username is pee.xo ;) X

  2. The M.Micallef advent calendar sounds amazing!
    Will be adding you on snapchat to live through you and your advent calendars as I don't have one this year :( boo... x

    1. Just opened Day 1 and its contents is amazing! Yayy, hope you enjoy it :) X