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Paris In a Day

Paris, France
view of the eiffel tower from arc de triomphe
view from arc de triomphe
view from arc de triomphe
view from arc de triomphe
sacré coeur
sacré coeur
view from sacré coeur
sacré coeur
We arrived at our hotel at around 4pm (check-in begins at 3pm) we stayed in our room for a bit, caught up on British TV as well as Portuguese - their channel selection was quite impressive - and then we headed out to Champs Elysées which is only a street away from Avenue Friedland where we were staying. I went into Sephora and did some damage *oops* but that was about it, I think I'm so used to online shopping that going out and facing all the people just isn't for me any more. Who else feels the same way? That was the day of our anniversary so we got back before dinner and got ready for a nice meal, we also walked to the Eiffel Tower from our hotel that evening which wasn't too far at all. I think the Eiffel Tower is far more beautiful at night, particularly when it lights up.

Day 2 we decided to buy a young persons railcard (valid up to age 26) and that was so useful! Unfortunately it's only available on weekends so we made sure to do the most travelling over the weekend. You can choose which zones you want to travel in so in our case it came out cheaper - as I live in zone 5 and central Paris tends to be within zones 1 and 2 - we saved time and money on train tickets. 

We started off nearby our hotel at the Arc de Triomphe, I had never been up so I was really looking forward to it, it's free for European citizens under 26 I believe. I definitely want to go back as the view was slightly tarnished by the rubbish weather. You can pretty much see everything from La Defense to the Eiffel Tower, my favourite. From there we headed to the Louvre, we didn't have time to go inside because the queue was just outrageous and I've never heard anyone say it was worth it although I definitely want to visit before I leave France. A short walk away, maybe around 5 minutes - if that - was the place I was most excited about: le Palais Royal! I have seen this place so many times on Instagram that I just had to go there and I loved it, naturally, I shot my outfit there. We then went to Notre Dame and had lunch nearby (I think it was called café 94, it was really good and well priced!) Finally, we went a little further to Sacré Coeur. I had never been and had heard so much about it but to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. I mean, it's beautiful but by this time it was beginning to rain and we were pretty tired from our travels so we just had a look and left but I'll definitely be back in the summer.

From there, we went back to our hotel to pick up our suitcases, we left them in storage post-checkout and picked them up in the evening before making the journey back to my university place, I hate to admit it but as I'm sure you can tell, I was really rubbish when it came to taking photos. I was trying to vlog as much as I could as well as just enjoy the moment I guess so I didn't get a lot of photos, it was a pretty crappy day too which didn't help!

I hope you watch the vlog and enjoy it. Also, if you're a newbie to my blog and YouTube then please do go ahead and subscribe, I'm hoping to reach a mini milestone by Christmas.

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