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Buying Into Trends: The Risks

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I'm always intrigued to see what's trending now; what's hot off the catwalk; what are the most fashionable currently wearing; and what's in-stores now; which leads us to the patchwork trend, has it been and gone? It can be risky being into trends, especially when you don't really know how long they'll last. It can go both ways in my opinion. You can either find yourself buying into a trend too soon when it isn't here to stay or you can end up not giving in to the hype, only to find a few months later it's still very much on trend (by which time you don't want to give in and end up following the crowd - oh the dilemmas). Hence why buying into trends can be such a risk at times.

With that said, I'm a strong believer in wearing whatever you want to wear - it all comes down to how confident you feel in what you're wearing. I picked out these patchwork denim jeans because it was a trend I was dying to try out for myself and these jeans are quite loose fitting too which is a style I often struggle with so ultimately, I wanted to give it a go and try and make it work for me. I actually really love these, they're loose but not too loose (if you know what I mean) and I really love the way they look in contrast to a tight jumper. I paired the jeans with a roll neck from New Look, this one is super cute because of the frill - I've already picked it up in black too - and to keep things a little more sexy I opted for nude strappy heels from Public Desire.

Roll neck - (c/o) New Look
Patchwork jeans - (c/o) Brand Attic
Strappy heels - (c/o) Public Desire
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. Love this! I've been trying to buy more "classic" clothes lately.. The ones that I can wear year on year without any changes. Those patchwork jeans look amazing on you, and totally agree that you should wear whatever you want with confidence! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. I think confidence is definitely key! It's so good to buy pieces you know will last a lifetime in your wardrobe, they can just be so hard to find (and somewhat impossible to do when trying to blog fashion) X

  2. Love the way you look :) Nice Heel :)

    Naelle from paris..!

  3. I love those jeans! For me fashion is all about creativity and having your own personal style therefore I don't tend to follow trends :)

    1. I completely agree Nikoletta, fashion is what you make of it and trends never need to be followed! X