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I'm Maid of Honour!

peexo maid of honour

The Big Question

Teresa told me a few times I would be her Maid of Honour so I was expecting to be asked, but what I didn't expect was to be asked so soon! I was actually on holiday in Portugal when Teresa messaged me to say that she would be getting married next year (in August 2017) I was somewhat shocked because I just didn't expect it to happen anytime soon and it sort of jumped out of the blue! Nonetheless, of course I was ridiculously excited about it and couldn't wait to get back to London and see Teresa to talk all things wedding.

I met up with Teresa once I got back and had the nicest surprise; after a day of catching up over shopping and coffee Teresa handed me a box, but not just any box... In this box was a balloon and a pin and a cute little tag which read pop me so that's exactly what I did, and after a confetti storm, inside was an envelope with the prettiest scratch card with the big question! I had practically already said yes but it was just the cutest thing, I know everything about this wedding experience will be incredible, Teresa has such an attention to detail so I'm super excited to share the journey from my perspective.

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I haven't done too much yet as it is pretty early days (from a bridesmaid's perspective anyway) but I've been kitted out with a Bridesmaid Planner so I'm ready for anything thrown at me.

I've already got a few ideas about what I want to do for the hen do; Teresa has decided to only have a Maid of Honour (and no bridesmaids) for her wedding so there will be a lot for me to do throughout the early summer months but I'm super excited about planning things and just being a part of such a special day.

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If you have any tips for me then please do send them my way!

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