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The Maldives From My iPhone

pitusa pom pom dress peexo maldives
Brace yourselves for a seriously photo-heavy post. I'm going to go ahead and just let you know in advance that my posts from the Maldives are going to be huge! Starting off with some snaps from my iPhone.

Dress - (c/o) Pitusa via Beach Cafe

Before I get started on the most magical trip ever, I wanted to apologise for my mini hiatus. I mentioned in my previous post that I would be taking a week away from blogging but somehow, that week turned into two weeks and it's all just been a bit of a whirlwind. It's partly down to a delay with my new blog design; I was working on it with a designer during my holiday and it's ended up being much slower than I had anticipated which in turn made me not want to post anything new until the big reveal. What do you think of the design?! Please let me know! The amazing Julie from Munich Paris Design listened to all my requests to make this design my own and I hope you find it easy to navigate.

I have so many photos to share with you that I just had no idea where to start! Strangely, I feel like a blogging-novice all over again because it feels as though I've been away from my little old blog for so long. I can confirm: it feels good to be back.

I wanted to start with the snaps from my phone which often get neglected on my blog because I try to share high quality content with you but whilst I was away I rarely picked up my camera believe it or not (apart from on the final few days where I had a major panic because I had taken so few snaps!) Having said this, my phone was never too far away so I decided to share the snaps from my iPhone - let's call them the unseen photos that usually don't make the cut.
peexo leopard print swimsuit travel maldives
maldives photo diary iphone peexo
peexo summer style maldives topshop style sale mini dress peexo

Cami - Primark // Midi skirt - Missguided // Strappy heels - (c/o) Public Desire // Dress - Topshop
pretty little thing peexo blogger

maldives inflatable flamingo peexo peexo swimsuit as seen on me asos

peexo asos bikini as seen on me swimwear

Although there's no flow for these photos, they're all mixed up - just some of my favourites, the above are all from our incredible pool villa in Kandolhu island. A huge room all to ourselves which I fell in love with. My mum was very unimpressed with my bikini snaps on Instagram (happens every summer!) so I tried to refrain from posting so many but I still posted quite a lot more than anticipated. Can you blame me? When you're on holiday, practically living in a bikini, it becomes hard not to. I never really know how to feel when it comes to bikini pictures, I personally think they're harmless but there are some weird people on the internet so you can never be too careful these days. I'd really love to know your thoughts on the matter - I was contemplating writing a blog post about it but that would mean sharing even more bikini photos, which I'm certain my mum would disapprove of, so I decided against it for the meantime...

maldives kandolhu peexo travel blogger peexo travel blogger maldives

The rest of the place was pretty magical too, it seemed completely natural to be stranded on an island in the middle of the Indian ocean. For the duration of our stay at Kandolhu we didn't see a single car, road, nor pavement for that matter! And whilst I can't imagine you'd expect to see these things on an island it's very surreal when you come to think of it, especially being so used to it all in the hustle and bustle of London city. In the island it felt as though we were in amidst a jungle, there was so much beautiful greenery surrounding us and crystal clear waters filled with so many incredible fish, turtles, sharks - all of which we were lucky enough to spot ourselves - and so much more we didn't see.

peexo maldives kandolhu travel blogger travel blogger peexo kandolhu maldives

Crochet crop top - Primark // Wrap skirt - ASOS
ocean pool villa kandolhu maldives
If you read my last post then you'll know that I went away with my auntie and uncle who stayed in an incredible ocean pool villa, you know, the ones Instagram is completely inundated with. It was as beautiful as I could ever imagine. Equipped with an outdoor bathroom where you could bathe whilst looking out onto the ocean, an infinity pool which seemed to lead to the very depths of the ocean and the sea right at your feet (quite literally) we spent so many evenings taking it all in. I seriously miss it! It was quite memorable. One of my favourite experiences was the sunset in the evenings...
sunset maldives ocean pool villa
sunset maldives peexo maldives sunset peexo

Bandeau top - New Look // Shorts - ASOS (similar)

Every day we were blessed with a sunset more incredible than the one before, we spent many evenings watching the sun go down from different parts of the island. The most incredible being on the night of the full moon but more about that in another post, for now I'll leave you with one of the many photos from that night.
sunset maldives peexo travel blogger
Incredible, right?


  1. Such beautiful photos!

    On the bikini, I think women's bodies need to be seen. We are not sexual objects and if a man can post pictures in swim trunks without comment, why can't a woman? Sure there are some creeps out there (as a fat lingerie blogger I get a lot of them) but I just block and move on.

    C xx

    1. Thank you Charli! I understand different point of views on the matter, it's still such a tricky subject I think but you're right, it's great to see women embrace their bodies! X

  2. The Maldives is definitely on my bucket list - it looks incredible and so do you! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. It's simply on everyone's bucket list isn't it? I would love to go again, it's as dreamy (if not more) than I had ever imagined! Thanks girl! X

  3. Amazing style, amazing place, amazing figure!!

    Lydia & xox

  4. Omg girl I wish I could go to the Maldives! Love all your outfits! Bet you took loads of clothes!

    Isobel x

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    1. Way too many clothes! Especially considering I spent most of the time in swimwear, oops. It's one you have to add to your bucket list X

  5. I’ve loved all your Maldives photos Patricia; it looks totally idyllic, I love that there's not another person in sight and you seem to have those beautiful beaches to yourselves. To me, the mere thought of crowded Spanish beaches brings on my anxiety so your holiday location looks perfect. Although it must be so hard for you to come back to a cold UK January with university work to be done. PS the leopard swimsuit is a great find - totally perfect for you!
    Love Pixie xoxo

    1. I never even realised that but it's so true, it really seems like you have the island all to yourself. I know exactly what you mean about crowded beaches, it can often seem completely overwhelming. Leaving paradise for the cold and grey London, and then heading to university was just not what I wanted to do. Haha, you know me! Anything leopard print is always a winner in my eyes X

  6. The place looks so stunning! I really want to plan a trip x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

    1. Oh you must do Tiffany, it's an incredible place. A must for the bucket list! X

  7. Oh Patricia, you already know what I'm going to say... YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE! Honestly, you are beautiful and the Maldives looks absolutely amazing too! I hope it's been a fabulous trip! xxx

    1. YOU ARE SIMPLY THE BESTEST EVER! You're so kind Holly, thank you so much X

  8. Oooh you little babe you - giving me serious workout inspiration. Destination is as gorgeous as you are xxx

    1. It's just as beautiful as I could ever imagine, such a stunning place! Thank you lovely lady X