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A Day on a Desert Island

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One of the things we were adamant to do was head to a desert island, in my mind I imagined being on a desert island would be like an episode of shipwrecked, I kind of wanted to be set tasks and try to survive on an island with some coconut trees and little else but that wasn't the case.
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peexo travel blogger maldives maldives peexo blogger

Obviously, that wasn't the case. We had a little slice of luxury on this island, the team brought us onto the island on a small speed boat but that wasn't without its challenges. The speed boat was very fast, as I'm sure you can imagine, which led to very strong winds hitting us in the face which became stronger as we got further and further away from Kandolhu. As we were approaching the nearby desert island my auntie's hat ended up flying off of her head and we circled the waters in a bid to retrieve it. We genuinely circled this floating hat for a good five minutes before we realised we just wouldn't be able to reach it from our boat and as much as we stressed it was fine, the hat could go, one of the guys jumped in to get it. With a very soggy hat back in our possession we continued the journey to the island.
travel blogger maldives desert island
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desert island maldives

We got to the island and well, it was deserted. We did a little bit of exploring when we arrived and were greeted with a swarm of jellyfish which had been washed up onto shore. Safe to say we didn't go near the ocean for the rest of the day. Jellyfish are such odd creatures, they just float around wherever the current takes them yet if you happen to touch one accidentally things could get pretty bad. We made sure we didn't get too close and instead tried to keep busy. Andre and I actually ended up digging a hole big enough for the two of us to fit into (which I really didn't like, especially when everybody thought it would be funny to laugh at me attempting to get out - and failing might I add - rather than help me out). Andre is pretty proud in saying that he makes a hole big enough for him at every beach he goes to so I guess we were just keeping that tradition alive and this time I joined in on the fun too. As the morning came to an end, the boys went out to sea to do some snorkelling and my auntie and I stayed basking in the sun, perhaps a bit too much as we all came back looking a little more red than before!

We did quite a lot more in the Maldives believe it or not, for such a small island there was plenty to do. The Maldives is perfect if you want to kick back, relax and completely switch off from the world but on the other hand, you can also get stuck in with a variety of water sports and excursions like we did. Today I wanted to share the desert island as it was something we were really looking forward to doing; how many people can say they've been on a desert island? I've still got so much more to share from the Maldives so keep your eyes peeled for newer posts.


  1. Id like to do that too! I certainly wouldn't want to get buried in the sand though!

    Isobel x

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    1. That was something I really didn't enjoy! But a desert island is such an incredible thing to cross of the bucket list X

  2. I would love to visit the Maldives! It looks gorgeous xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  3. How beautiful does that look.... I would love to be there right now. xx

    Anna-Maria |

    1. It's absolutely incredible Anna Maria! I already miss it unbelievable amounts, I'd love to be there right now too! X