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Wearing a Lighter Colour Palette

peexo street style blogger light spring wardrobe
Whilst the weather may not have been on our side throughout the best part of spring, I've tried to lighten up my outfits regardless as a nod to spring-time and in the hope of warmer weather.
pastel lighter wardrobe spring street style
peexo spring style pink whitepeexo spring style pastel pink
carvela crossbody bag pastel pink peexopeexo spring style light wardrobepastel pink white spring style peexo
spring neutral look peexopeexo spring neutral look style
dorothy perkins nude mules spring
A spring wardrobe usually consists of skirts, dresses and cute tops. Unfortunately, we haven't been so lucky with our spring in the UK so I've been attempting to channel the season by adhering to a much lighter wardrobe. Starting with injecting white into my spring looks; these white cropped jeans have been real favourites of mine, I'm surprised by how often I've picked these out but can you blame me? They couldn't be more perfect for this time of year.

Light layering has been key recently as I can't leave the house without a coat or a jacket on, despite how much I wanted to ditch the extra layer. I wasn't even thinking about buying any more outerwear but as it has definitely been cooler than I would have liked, I ended picking up this cute cropped jacket from Missguided which has worked really well in my spring wardrobe. It's a gorgeous pastel pink and cropped, and seeing as I've been loving all things cropped recently this fits in with my style perfectly. Paired with a white Tshirt from New Look and cropped jeans from Next - a shop I wouldn't usually think to look but they're currently killing the game, read more about why I've been shopping in new stores recently here.

Mules, the style I once really disliked, have creeped into my wardrobe in quite a big way. These from Dorothy Perkins are the perfect colour, they're a really beautiful nude pink which I think work really well with my skin tone. I'm sure you know the black Carvela crossbody bag I can't get enough of, well, now I have it in pastel pink too! As soon as I spotted some new colours on Shoeaholics I simply couldn't resist adding it to my collection. Crossbody bags have become a real staple for me and in a short space of time I've acquired quite the collection! You'll see more of them soon I'm sure.


Cropped pink jacket - Missguided
White Tshirt - (c/o) New Look
Cropped jeans - (c/o) Next
Mules - (c/o) Dorothy Perkins
Crossbody bag - (c/o) Love Shoeaholics
[Photos taken by Maria]


  1. I am in love with those trousers! I neeed them! You look gorgeous! xxx

    1. They're so fab Holly! You really do, they'll be incredible on you X

  2. I am OBSESSED with your back and jacket oh my! xx

  3. I looooove this outfit. Every bit of it! I'm massively into this pastel pink shade this season, which really surprised me as I've never been much of a pink girl. I have so much respect for people who wear white and don't spill things all over themselves by noon!

    Ellie x

    1. Yes! Pink is one of those colours that has become so popular recently, I'm always impartial to adding a pastel colour to my wardrobe come spring. Haha! I've done well when wearing these so far but must admit I'm a nervous wreck trying desperately not to spill anything on these jeans most of the time X

  4. Yes girl! Loving this pink and white spring look! That jacket is quite unusual but gorgeous, especially for spring time and on those colder nights too! Loving the bag, makes a change to your black one that you love so much. I've been wearing a bag to death lately in navy, so I've now ordered it in red Hehee so I understand why you bought the same bag but in a different colour xD

    Isobel x

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    1. Haha, so we're both in the same boat then - I'm glad I'm not the only one buying the same thing in a different colour! X