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5 Instagram Accounts Under 10k You Should Follow for Fashion Inspiration

6 instagram accounts under 10k to follow
Sharing 5 incredible girls on Instagram whose profiles have under 10,000 followers. Why? Because they deserve the recognition and sometimes sharing the love online gets lost amidst the hunger to succeed.


I don't think I've ever done a post like this, dedicated to sharing the love, but recently I've come across quite a few posts written by other bloggers which have led me to some great new finds on Instagram. Rather than share a variety of well-known bloggers, I thought I should choose a few gems I follow who have under 10k followers. The reason I decided to put a cap at 10k is because I know how incredibly difficult it can be to get noticed before reaching the coveted 'k'. For that reason, I wanted to curate a list of some new Instagram profiles I've come across - and some old favourites - that I think deserve a mention.

remi instagram
Remi's content is incredible, her imagery is just so great. I've been following her for a while now and just love the content she puts out both on her Instagram and blog. She has an incredible way of featuring colour whilst still staying true to her style and aesthetic.

allure of simplicity instagram
This girl just has an incredibly curated feed, the imagery she shares works flawlessly together. For some reason I feel completely calm whilst scrolling through her Instagram, I don't know how else to explain it, any time I browse through her feed I instantly feel at ease (must be the colour palette). To sum things up, Aney Mei's feed is pretty much #InstagramGoals.

dresswithyas instagram
Yasmin is the absolute cutest! She has a wardrobe I swoon over, with a variety of designer accessories a girl could only dream of owning. I've loved seeing her spring style where she's incorporated pastels, whether it be with her clothing or location. She's London-based too so I love seeing all the new spots she's found in the city!

karina woodburn instagram
Karina has her colour palette down for spring! Although I'd say her style is quite different to mine, there's just something about her and her feed that I can't get enough of. Her content is always so fresh. I love seeing her tackle the colour wheel, one shade at a time.

overdressed steph instagram
Another recent discovery of mine is Steph who is based in Australia; as the seasons are different in Australia compared to the UK, it's nice to get some summer inspiration before it actually hits and that's what I've loved about Steph's feed. I've loved seeing her spring/summer styling and even now that she's started layering her looks for Australia's autumn/winter, it's still very relevant for the weather we've been having across the UK.

I know it might seem a bit weird to talk about Instagram profiles on my blog so I've also tagged these girls and their profiles in today's Instagram story so you can check them out there too! These are only a few accounts I'm currently loving - there are many more! Let me know your favourite fashion/style accounts on Instagram (below or above 10k) and whether you'd like to see more posts like this in the future.


  1. I follow dresswithyas. Her account is great .-*

    Melanie /

  2. Love this post Patricia! One of my favourite things about the blogging world is the positive and supportive side of things. It's great to see people I admire appreciate others, and also a fantastic source of inspiration.

    I just went through my Insta feed and I can barely find any accounts I follow with less than 10k, which surprised me! I'm keen to look out for lesser known inspiration now, thank you!

    Ellie x

    1. Often, with bloggers in particular, you end up following those who are most successful as opposed to "smaller" bloggers which is why I really love finding new accounts like these! I think they can be a far more natural source of inspiration and I just generally like supporting smaller accounts as well as firm favourites X

  3. Such a lovely idea for a post! I'll definitely be checking these out! xx

    1. Thanks Holly! I usually love hearing other people's recommendations so thought I'd share a few of my favourites too, and under 10k just seemed like the best way to start! X