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It's not often that I travel with makeup, I very rarely touch up on the go, but more recently I've been spending long days out and by the time I get home I definitely feel and look worse for wear. I've found that when I'm out and about shooting new content for my blog or when I have pesky spots hanging about, it's always good to have some bits on hand to keep me going all day long - especially during the summer.
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My lipstick is what tends to suffer the most, regardless of whether I'm out on a shopping trip or spending the day at meetings - it's the first thing that I notice fades. I've tried to combat this by choosing shades that aren't too dissimilar to my natural lip colour; that way, once my lop colour starts to come off it isn't too noticeable if I can't touch up or I forget to - the latter being the most common.

 Lipstick is one of the only things I carry in my handbag on a daily basis. If I can fit in a small packet of wipes I will do, these come in handy for so many different reasons - not just for makeup - but they're also a pretty handy way of taking off old lipstick whilst you're on the move to avoid applying layer over layer.

Depending on what's in my bag, and what I'm up to, I'll either choose to strip things back and just apply some Carmex (usually on the way home after a busy day) or I'll re-apply my lipstick. My current favourite shade - and the one I wear in the majority of my blog posts - is MAC's Mehr, a gorgeous matte shade which I absolutely adore.
lottie london concealer peexo beauty blog
 I've had a few pesky spots recently so I've been trying to remember to pop a concealer in my bag to cover up blemishes if they start to show through as the day goes on. I particularly love the Lottie London concealer, it has a sponge applicator (which probably isn't the most hygienic) but it's so easy to use and great for on the go as I can't blend it with the sponge rather than having to get my fingers dirty which would probably then end up with me having concealer everywhere from my shirt to the inside of my handbag!
real techniques retractable kabuki brush peexo beauty blogpeexo beauty blog sleek makeup contour duo
If we're talking day-to-night beauty then I love love love this contour duo from Sleek Makeup, it's so great considering its size and it even doubles up, or should I say triples up, as a mirror too, giving it even more uses. I wouldn't carry this with me on a daily basis but I thought it was perfect for a day-to-night look where you don't have enough time to rush home and re-apply your makeup so a quick touch up of your bronzer and highlight should help do the trick. If you're wondering about the brush, it's a Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush which is perfect for throwing in your bag as the bristles stay protected.
batiste dry shampoo peexo beauty pickstangle teezer x skinny dip peexo beauty blog
 Dry shampoo is one of my holy grail products, I don't know what I would do without it. I'd say my hair lasts a good 2-3 days before it starts to get really greasy and now that it has gotten so long I've found it so much more tedious to wash and blowdry so I try to make 3-day hair work with the help of a load of dry shampoo. The only issue I have with dry shampoo is that the majority tend to be white, I know there are now hair-coloured versions but they're not as easy to get a hold of in minis (they probably do exist but I've just never seen any!)

To try and avoid any white powdery residue in my hair, I spray some directly onto a hairbrush and then brush my hair so it works as a bit of a hair-refresh as opposed to a full on submersion of dry shampoo. I also need to talk about this Tangle Teezer because it's so beautiful! It's from their collaboration with Skinny Dip and is perfect for the summer, it's also one from their travel range which are smaller than the original and have a cover over the bristles making them great to throw into your handbag and keep clean.
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peexo fashion blogger on the go beauty
And that's that.


Shirt - Forever 21
Handbag - (c/o) Pinko
Jeans - ASOS
Mules - (c/o) Dune
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. I really need to get a tangle teezer! Never thought to do that with the dry shampoo on the brush though hahaa. Carmex is literally a life saver product!

    Isobel x

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    1. I looove tangle teezers! It's a great time-saving hack I find, especially for on-the-go. Totally agree, I have so many! X

  2. Your skin looks so flawless and radiant - I wish mine was the same! I really need to get myself a tangle teaser. x

    1. Thanks Jayne! I'm going to be doing more beauty and sharing some of my favourite products which hopefully will be interesting :) Yess! I love mine X