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To be completely honest, as I began writing this post (at exactly 23:42 on Wednesday night) I started off with the title going places and a stupid intro about how I was super happy about going on two holidays this summer instead of one - wow, who am I? I read over it and I thought to myself, why do I sound so superficial? Don't I have anything better to write?
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I've had a case of writer's block recently, I just don't know what to write anymore. I feel a blog post isn't just about what clothes you're wearing or which beauty products you're loving - there's so much more to it and it's something I was initially scared about. Yes, scared because I'm really not the greatest when it comes to writing and I just generally struggle with coming up with interesting content to write up on a near-daily basis. Having said that, I have started to try and up my game with my written content and making it about more than just what I'm wearing (albeit I still do love talking about what I'm wearing because I really do have a passion for fashion - Bratz reference, hands up if you remember!?) So it's been a bit of a struggle if I'm being honest, at the start of the month I wrote about how I wanted to increase my content now that my university days are over so I have more time to dedicate to my blog but it feels like it's been the complete opposite!

When I was at university I used to have much more free time to myself. I'd come to London when I could on weekends to shoot content in bulk - at one point I was shooting approximately 11 outfits in 2 hours or something ridiculous like that - and then when I was at university during the week, I would focus on writing up my content, editing photos and general social media-ing. A lot goes on behind the blog post you see which you may not even consider as you look through the final few photos that made the cut and the piece of writing accompanying the imagery. Having been back in London for a few weeks now I've found it incredibly difficult to keep up that pace; 4 blog posts a week has been hard work, which I didn't think would be the case. I want to share posts that I'm proud of and I think make for an interesting read whether it be to do with fashion, for example 5 Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Guest Outfit or more personal like, Does The Need To Slow Down Make Me a Failure? (which sort of applies again now). I also want to talk a bit more about my university experience and share more things I love. All of that isn't possible when I start writing a post the night before. Update - it's now 23:59.

Funnily enough, it looks like I had a lot to write tonight but I feel like I owe it to you. I'm definitely going to strip back the posts, I'm thinking of going back to 3 times a week but I won't make a big deal out of it like I did the last time because that clearly didn't work out! I think it's the shortest time I've ever stuck to something. I'm trying to work out days that work for me and allow me to focus more time on the quality and content of my writing in order to avoid writer's block once more, although it will inevitably happen again but hopefully not any time soon. I would be really interested, and so grateful, if you have any blog post ideas or things you'd like to see on my blog - I sometimes struggle with knowing whether you're enjoying my posts or if it's all just a bit of a faff. I usually go by the comments I receive but those have been diminishing which is partially why I think writer's block has struck, as I don't know whether you're enjoying my content at the moment. I hope my DMC wasn't too long and boring, hoping to be back to my chirpy, fashion-loving self by next week's post (which I hopefully won't start writing at quarter to midnight the night before!)


Wrap around shirt - Misspap
Denim skirt - Stradivarius
Mules - (c/o) New Look (similar)
Straw clutch - Kate Spade
[Photos taken by Faith]


  1. I appreciate your kind reply to my previous comment, I’m glad you value my comments, sometimes I stop myself replying to your posts as I don’t have a lot of self confidence so can’t believe you’d be interested in my opinions. I really love that you take the time to reply to every comment you get, very few bloggers do but I think all commenters love getting a response from the author.

    I don’t think anyone could complain at three posts a week, still much more than most other bloggers. I’d hate for you to get disillusioned and give up, take a few weeks off if it helps you get your inspiration back.

    Being nosy, I love posts on your life. I’d like to read more about your university days, which you’ve hinted you didn’t always enjoy. I love your holiday posts (I’m glad you’re having two this summer!) and getting rare glimpses of your boyfriend. Blogs on your post-university plans would also be interesting.

    Pixie xxx

    1. Oh I really do! & please don't feel that way, it may take me some time to reply but I will always try my very best to as I value your comments so much. Definitely, sometimes I feel like I need to cut myself some slack but I'm just worried about losing all the hard work I've put into my blog so far. Thank you! My life isn't at all interesting so I never know what to write about haha but I'm working on some more ideas and hopefully they'll filter through really soon! X

  2. Patricia, I love your honesty in this post! If this is what you write when you have a writer's block, then I can't wait for you upcoming content!! It's so good to sometimes take a step back and focus more on the content that you're writing. Back in the day I only really used to talk about what I was wearing, but over the last couple of months, I too have become more interested in writing about topics that are close to heart. I personally enjoy reading that sort of content a lot more, because you get to know the blogger a lot better. I can't wait to read more of your content! :) xx Laura

    1. I completely agree Laura, I think there are very few bloggers nowadays who manage to blog solely about clothes/beauty/lifestyle (that is, including no aspect of personal life). I'm hoping future content doesn't disappoint! Thank you so much for your comment! X

  3. I am really surprised to see you write this!!!!!! I love following you on instagram and I think its because i have this HUGE fascination for london seeing I come from Melbourne City (Australia)….. I love to read or watch your youtube channel…. don't worry about anything but sticking to being YOU!!!!!!!! absolutely everyone goes through writers block!!! in fact, to make you feel better i got from the library, "writing a novel and getting published for dummies"!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! because i have a dream to write a novel… i started….. i wrote two chapters and haven't done anything else….. its based in Cheshire where my ancestors lived…. & I loved my idea for a novel….. i love writing….. but sometimes feel I am not eloquent enough (like Jane Austen!) but I have learnt to stick to my own style regardless of what other people think! I hope you continue to keep writing ad getting inspired JUST by walking the streets of London!!!! so jealous you LIVE there!!!!! I am DYING to come!!!!! You're lucky to LIVE and STUDY in London………… thats my dream…….. <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! Sometimes setting yourself goals can hinder your work as the need to stick to those goals can have a negative impact when it appears you aren't able to stick to those goals. I think the summer will be a great time for me to feel re-inspired so here's hoping! Good luck with your writing! I totally agree, stick to your own style as anything else simply wouldn't be true to you X