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Winter Moments Captured on Film: Scotland & Copenhagen

Scotland, UK
winter moments on 35mm film

I finally got my film from January-February developed (I don't know why it always takes me so long to get my film cameras developed) these are a mix of photos from our trip to Scotland and a few extra snaps from Copenhagen too! Every time I pick up a new set of photos taken on film I get so excited and I really don't think the excitement will wear off any time soon. There's just something about these photos, even if a handful of them are of fingers covering the lens! I decided not to include any of those in this post though...

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­čôŹCopenhagen, Denmarkcopenhagen on filmfilm photos peexo copenhagencopenhagen on film
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Hope you liked seeing these!


  1. I love all the film photos - really want to get a film camera this year!

    1. I've just been using disposable cameras recently and I love the outcome!