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April 2019

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Things have been pretty quiet around here recently... I did that thing where I try to increase my content schedule across platforms but then can't keep up (why does this always happen?!) So I guess I took an unintentional break from blogging but of course I have a monthly update for you, as always. Here's a low down on what's been going on this month.

I experimented with a change in my content schedule which I'm going to continue to test until I hopefully find something that actually works for me. As a one woman show, I find it really hard to turnover content consistently without any help from editors or photographers. If I put more effort in to my YouTube channel, like I have trialled throughout this month with twice weekly videos, I notice a drop in my blog content, which has been the case this month. I'm striving for a happy medium between the two and am going to try out one weekly video and one weekly blog post, giving myself the weekend off so to speak. I will most likely still be getting work done, probably pestering my boyfriend to help me shoot new content, but I want to give myself that time off too.

Currently I'm toying with the idea of posting less on weekends, to actually allow myself a weekend break, but having a video schedule which includes a Sunday upload makes this difficult to achieve. I know that if I haven't been able to film two videos during the week then I'll have to film over the weekend in time for Sunday and I have to be on Twitter and Instagram to share the latest video once it goes live too.

My idea is to confine my work to during the week - as much as possible - and have the bulk of my content go live during the week too. Which should allow me to then give myself some time off on weekends. Schedule wise, I have a few possibilities circling my brain at the moment but I think the best one right now is Tuesday's = blog posts and Thursday's = videos. Plus Instagram which is currently a twice daily thing (also thinking about stripping this back to once a day, you'll understand why as you read on) and not forgetting the other social medias I update including my Peexo Blog Facebook page, Pinterest: @peexo and Twitter: @peexo.

I'm striving for a good balance between work and life, especially now that the sun is shining and the weather has perked up. I want to be able to enjoy it more because it's not just all about social media and the likes I get on Instagram.

Which leads me to Instagram engagement... I mean, it's been pretty much all over the place this month. I have days when my content reaches a large amount of people and others when it barely reaches any of my followers. If we're talking numbers, some of my photos achieve over 2k likes and then others only manage to scrape 700. Clearly something isn't quite right.

It's been a really hard month because of this if I'm honest. I touched on the topic in one of my Instagram uploads this month - this post - (which ironically ended up being one of my best performing photos in April). I could not have asked for a better response. Lots of people said they had also noticed a drop in engagement, which is always reassuring, and others were just so kind about me and my content which was really lovely and definitely offered me a boost! And then naturally, the next day Instagram decided I couldn't be happy for long and I posted a new photo which achieved a mere 200 likes in 2hrs... that got deleted (by me) and my high deflated (by Instagram).

I don't want to let Instagram likes, followers, engagement etc. have such a big impact on me which kind of links to why I want to let myself have the option of a weekend off with no content commitments. Weekends without worrying about how well my latest upload is doing and rather spend time with family and friends enjoying the sunshine!

Anyway, let's discuss things I am pleased with this month (I'm such a negative nancy and always dwell on the negatives so I'm trying to be a bit more positive). I'm super happy I brought back my How To Style series on YouTube this month because it was always one of my favourites, I'm not quite sure why I ever stopped filming them in the first place! I've enjoyed putting these together and they really help me feel inspired with new outfits and styles I may otherwise not have tried.

I definitely want to experiment more with my style, outfits, makeup and beauty in the upcoming months. I tried a different look when filming a video earlier this month *photo above* - it was my H&M Try On Haul if you fancy watching - and I just loved the finished look! Hair, makeup and even outfit choice - I'm so accustomed to routine so it's nice to try something new. Now I really want to experiment even more, especially with makeup. Next up is to trial eyeliner but I know that will be a hard one to master.

I've been sharing more Instagram stories recently which I am loving too!

On to my reading - do you enjoy this little insight in to the books I've read? I feel like I do this more for me than for anybody else but I hope it's not too long/boring to include amongst my rambles of the month. I haven't really picked up books that often this month, I'm not sure why but I don't carry one for tube journeys anymore (I'm enjoying listening to podcasts instead at the moment) and in the evenings, I feel pretty tired and end up aimlessly scrolling on my phone rather than picking up a book - counterproductive, I know.

So this month I managed to finish Flat Share by Beth O'Leary [gifted] which was ok, predictable (but aren't all love stories) and I think at times there was a lot going on all at once. I rated it a 3/5 on Good Reads which may have been harsh but I just couldn't really get in to it. I also whizzed through Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell which I really loved actually, the ending in particular (which I think could be quite controversial). I gave this a rating of 5/5.. told you I loved it! I'm currently reading Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. Earlier in the year I read her debut novel Little Fires Everywhere which I enjoyed so I was excited to start this one.

Oh! One last thing, if you read last month's update, read my blog post: March 2019, then you may remember I gave up chocolates and crisps for Lent and I'm pleased to say I managed! I'm pretty surprised at myself to be honest as I have such a sweet tooth but I succeeded (with the help of a lot of biscuits, I'll admit). I didn't touch a packet of crisps and I managed without chocolate too, bar the one evening I devoured a whole box of jaffa cakes... but 39/40 days is alright, right?

We've finally had some warm weather come our way and it's really starting to feel like spring now! The bank holidays have been great (and I'm very excited for another one next week) and things are looking up. Now all that's left is for Instagram to fix up... 

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