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My Current Favourite Gold Jewellery Pieces and a Wishlist

gold jewellery collectionThis post contains affiliate links marked with [*].

My favourite accessories have simply got to be layers and layers of jewellery, gold jewellery. I've always favoured a gold finish over silver which I think is purely down to personal preference but there's something about shimmering gold that puts the finishing touch on all of my outfits whatever the weather. I wanted to share some of my current favourite jewellery as well as some pieces that I have my eye on and would love to add to my own collection.
peexo gold jewellery picks
I live in gold jewellery, it's my favourite finish and my favourite finishing touch. I've always accessorised with a watch - I remember receiving my first watch, a Michael Kors rose gold one, for my 16th birthday and since then I've always worn one. My wrist feels naked without a watch on! Over the past few years, my love for jewellery has grown and spread across various pieces.

Necklaces are a must-have and I love layering them to create more of a statement look, whether that be over jumpers in the winter or on bare skin in the summer. More recently I've fallen in love with rings of varying fits, they really flatter your hands (or at least they do for me, I have quite long fingers I think!) I've been experimenting with different designs and fits and I'm currently obsessed with wearing little gems and midi rings. Finally, bracelets. Admittedly, I can't get used to wearing a multitude of bracelets on my wrist - I don't know why to be honest as when I was younger I used to have a trail of friendship bracelets going up my arm but now I don't reach for bracelets as often, nor do I have as many in my collection. I wear one on a daily basis - it never comes off - and that's about it.

Necklaces were the first main jewellery piece I began wearing,


gold jewellery collection peexo
& now, onto my wishlist...

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  1. Really Really great pieces of jewelry. I love them cause I love the small designs in jewelry.